Shoutcast of Skirmish VIII Finals


The final round of this week's Skirmish VIII: Boom & Zoom, will be getting the royal treatment with a live shoutcast from the esteemed Joshua 'Clutch' Gray. You'll be able sit in on the action as Clutch catches a ride with Shot Blockers Inc as they face off against Kong Fu.

You may recognize Clutch from the casting team present at the WCG Grand Finals in Kunshan, China. Additionally, he ran some post-event coverage on his youtube page for WCG 2012. He's a veteran eSports personality, who has proven his affinity for the game we know and love.

You can catch Clutch's stream tonight, February 22nd, starting at 19:00 PST on Twitch. Tune in and watch as two powerhouses clash for the top spot in this week's Skirmish.

Watch the Livestream Here


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