Clan Wars Release [UPDATED]

Clan Wars


Clan Wars most likely be enabled on Thursday, October 11, in time for Prime Time at 8:15 AM PDT (3:15 PM UTC). We apolgize for having it down for so long, and these are the issues that came up with the 8.0 update:

  • Clan Wars was down because of a major bug with the Fog of War feature. This bug happened with the introduction of 8.0.
  • This bug caused mini map glitches mainly when being destroyed by an undetected enemy player. This precise mini map issue will be fixed with the game server maintenance due tomorrow.
  • As a consequence of this bug and the issues it has cause, our QA department has added in additional steps in their testing process to avoid this kind of issue with future updates.

Again, we apologize for the downtime.

If you have replays enabled and are disconnected during battle - you won't be able to reconnect until the battle is over. Therefore, we recommend you disable your replays while playing in Clan Wars if you suffer from connection issues.

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