Portal Maintenance: Clan Wars Update Nov. 21st [UPDATED]

Clan Commanders!

[Update] There are a few minor updates we're making to the Clan Wars Beta; you'd probably notice them right away, but here's your heads up.  These changes will take place from 03:00-04:30 PST (11:00-12:30 UTC)  Nov 21st during a brief period of portal maintenance:

  • You won't be able to have chips deployed if you control no provinces; this will exclude the rare case when clan could attack a non-landing zone province without owning any province (could have happened if a clan had a battle scheduled but had been kicked out from the Global Map). 
  • Commanders will now be able to move their chips into a landing province they own.
  • The inactivity timer for chips will return to the interface.
  • We'll be adding a timer for Counter-Espionage operations.  It'll be available via a mouseover on the Counter-Espionage agent icon.

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