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Clan Wars update with 8.1


On November 2nd Clan Wars will be back in action. We want to drive your attention to the fact that we've made
                some changes in Clan Wars mechanics. Below you may find all details.

Espionage and Counter-Espionage

       Intelligence mechanism of ‘Clan Wars’ has been reworked fully. Now to perform intelligence operation clan need to prepare a ‘Spy’ (a sort of ‘special chip’), which will cost your clan treasury 300 gold and will be produced 24h after the order. One clan can have not more than 3 such chips. Trained spy, once infiltrated in enemy clan, will allow you to see location of all forces (chips) of that clan on the Global Map, and also it’s HQ. This information will be available during the whole time of agents work – starting from infiltration and till the agent failure. Successful infiltration in a clan is not guaranteed and depends on various factors. Espionage can be performed by clan commander and his deputy only.

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      In order to struggle with espionage clans can now perform counter-intelligence. For this they will have to prepare a ‘special chip’ – counterspy, and send it to one of its provinces. For the next 24 hours the province will look like empty for enemy, even if there are clan forces (chips). Furthermore, counter-espionage operation performed on clan controlled territory decrease enemy chances to infiltrate a spy and also increase chances of currently infiltrated agents to fail. Counter-espionage may be performed only by clan commander and his deputy.

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     Aside of that, additional changes were made to Global Map:

  • Added 3 additional starting points on following provinces:
    • Krasnodar Territory
    • Astrakhan Region
    • Arkhangelsk Region