Clan Wars: Rise of the Americas, Stage 1

Update: The "Landing Tournament" portion of Stage 1 is now complete.


Stage 1 of Clan Wars: Rise of the Americas is a go for this Monday, February 11! Soon you'll be able to embark across a brand-new map in an all-out battle to stake a claim in the Americas. We have full details about the start of this event below including start times and rules.

General Information

  • Prime time will commence at 18:00 PST (2:00 UTC) on February 11, 2013 for all landing zones.
  • EU and Africa maps will be opened with normal landing zones, following all normal CW rules until the end of the Rise of the Americas event.
  • Clans can land in North America, Europe, and Africa; they can land on any region.
  • Clans can apply for landing using the amount of chips available to them. No other restrictions will be implemented in regards to how many landing tournaments a single clan can apply for.

Stage 1

February 11th - Area 1 Landing Tournaments

  • Global Map will be down between 06:00 – 07:00 PST (14:00 and 15:00 UTC).
  • All maps are wiped: EU, NA, and Africa.
  • At 07:00 PST (15:00 UTC) the maps come back up.
  • Landing tournaments are limited to 64 clans each. Each hour, the number of slots taken will be updated. If the limit is exceeded within the span of one turn (before the number of slots is updated), the remaining slots will be filled at random from clans making a landing application.
  • If you apply for landing and the 64 slots for the Rise of the Americas tournament are full, and you do not participate in a battle, your chips will be moved into reserve before February 12th.
  • Area 1 will open at 07:00 PST (15:00 UTC) Feb 11, 2013. All Area 1 provinces will turn into landing zones.
  • A tier I-III restriction stays in place for the duration of Stage 1.
  • Landing tournaments will begin at prime time 18:00 PST (02:00 UTC) on February 11th.

February 11th - Area 1 Clan Wars Continues

  • All of Clan Wars goes down for one hour from 22:00-23:00 PST (08:00-09:00 UTC Feb. 12) on February 11, 2013.
  • Chips will not be refunded and will reactivate according to normal Clan Wars rules.
  • Area 1 provinces revert to standard provinces, along with what will be their active landing zones, allowing other clans to apply for landing. The following provinces will be available for landing:
    • Rochester, Minnesota
    • Highlands, Missouri
    • Shreveport, Louisiana
    • Montgomery, Alabama
    • Savannah, Georgia
    • Raleigh, North Carolina
    • Delaware
    • Rhode-Island
  • Chip and headquarters placement will follow regular Clan Wars mechanics for the remainder of Stage 1.
  • We'll provide details for Stage 2 as that particular event approaches release.

Achievement Medals

Clans who manage to capture and hold the major provinces at the end of the entire Rise of the Americas event, will be awarded with these special achievement medals for their members:

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

New York City, NY

Riverlands, MO

Achievement Details

If you hold one of the four listed provinces at the end of the entire Rise of the Americas event once all stages are complete, and you hold additional provinces, you'll earn 50,000 for each province you own.

  • For example: If you own Atlanta, GA and four other provinces, you'll receive the Home of the Braves medal with 4 x 50,000= 200,000 in your Clan Treasury.

In addition, if you hold land at the end of the Rise of the Americas event (once all stages are complete) that does not include one of the four provinces listed above you'll receive 10,000 in your Clan Treasury per province.

  • For example: If you hold four provinces at the end of the Rise of the Americas event and none of them are the four provinces listed above, you'll receive 4 x 10,000 = 40,000 in your Clan Treasury.

Additional Information

We'll be providing information about the Area II and Area III landing tournaments as soon as possible.

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