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Clan Wars Returning Today. UPDATE

Clan Wars

The Clan Wars maintenance which started on Tuesday is nearly complete, and Clan Wars should return by 2PM PDT / 21:00 UTC.

As we announced previously, there are a few changes that will be implemented with the return of Clan Wars. These were originally scheduled to release with version 7.0, but the transition to the new community portal -- which the Clan Wars maintenance was a part of -- was a major step in releasing the next game update.

These changes were implemented in advance of the update due to many of them being web-based changes, rather than changes taking place on the game server itself.

Clan Wars will be returning in the same state that it was taken down in -- meaning all provinces are still controlled by the clans that controlled them prior to the maintenance.


  • If a province has no direct connection to the clan headquarters (or through other provinces), then the clan will no longer earn income from the specified province. If a clan does not have a headquarters, they will not earn income from owned provinces.
  • If a clan currently owns one or more provinces on the Global Map, it cannot apply for landing.
  • If there are multiple attacks scheduled for a single province, attackers must first fight against each other. The winning clan will then face the owner of the province in the final match.

We've heard the feedback on these changes and their announcement window, and are striving to improve communication of changes like this in the future.

UPD. One of the Clan Wars rules has been updated:

15. If your clan is defeated in one of Landing Tournament battles, the chips used in that battle will be reserved for 24 hours and become active again after that.