Clan Wars Return on January 9

Tank Commanders!

We are glad to announce that Clan Wars and Global Map will return on January 9 at 7:00AM PST (15:00 UTC). We remind you that the following rules will come into force at the Clan Wars launch:

  • At the start of Clan Wars, the clans will be able to move chips on Global Map and first battles will start according to Prime Time.
  • The fog of war will be applied to all battles on Global map. That means that both teams will have no information about each other's line-up until they detect enemy vehicles in battle.
  • The “tank locking” feature will not be introduced on the North American World of Tanks server.
  • The start of battles on the Global Map will be modified. Battles will now start for the day one hour earlier than previously. For example, if “Prime Time” was 6:00PM prior to this change, the new “Prime Time” for the province will be 5:00PM.

Get ready for the clan clashes and stay tuned for more World of Tanks!

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