Transfer Opportunities for Players from CIS to the EU Realm


In April’s operations update, it was announced that Wargaming’s entire live games business in Russia and Belarus, including World of Tanks, had been transferred to Lesta Games.

Since that announcement, Wargaming and Lesta Games have achieved a complete structural and financial separation. Live products are now operated and monetized by two separate, independent companies that do not and will not share any revenue: Lesta Games in Russia and Belarus, and Wargaming in all other countries.

Both companies will continue to work together to carry out the next steps in this process: the creation of a separate game client under Lesta Games, a new name and logo for players in Russia and Belarus, and the start of account transfers.

Every currently registered player on the CIS realm will have two choices:

  • Transfer their account to the EU region operated by Wargaming;
  • Or, transfer their account to the Lesta Games servers.

Note: these transfers are not applicable to regions outside of the CIS and EU regions, nor will it impact those players in any way.

Account transfers are going to start in September. All transferred players will immediately be able to experience the same specials, benefits, and services that existing EU players already have access to.

Transferring accounts on a large scale between servers is incredibly complicated. We are fully committed to ensuring the process is as smooth as possible for all affected players.