Changes in Version 8.2


The World of Tanks team has gathered statistics data from the first iteration of the Public Test, thoroughly analyzed it and decided to shift the release of the Chinese Tech Tree from 8.2 to a future update. The shift is necessary to further balance the vehicles.

The rest of the changes and additions in version 8.2 are still coming as planned.

With the release of the 8.2 update, the American Tank Tree will receive a separate branch of new vehicles. The main feature of this addition will be three new high tier vehicles which use the autoloader system – the T69 and T54E1 Medium Tanks, and the T57 Heavy Tank.

The list of premium tanks will be enriched with three new original vehicles: Tier VI British Heavy Tank TOG II*, which has become popular among public testers soon after the test started, and also received many funny nicknames for its appearance; Tier VII British Tank Destroyer AT-15A, which is distinct from other tanks of its Tier thanks to thick frontal armor, and the Tier VIII French Heavy Tank FCM 50t, which has strong attributes similar to all high tier French vehicles: good maneuverability and excellent dynamics for a heavy tank.

Outside of that, we continue reworking and improving our maps for the new rendering system. In update 8.2 we’ve reworked and improved four maps: ‘Prohorovka’, ‘Redshire’, ‘Erlenberg’ and ‘Ruinberg’.

A more detialed coverage of changes and specifics in 8.2 will be given by World of Tanks Producer, Michael Jivetc aka Storm in the next ASAP video.

See you soon on the battlefields of 8.2. Roll out!

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