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Changes to the in-game shop

KV-5 goes away


Together with the 0.7.5. update release the Tier 8 Soviet Premium Heavy Tank KV-5 will be removed.

Taking into account the vast amount of changes to be implemented in the 0.7.5. update the World of Tanks administration decided to remove the KV-5 from the in-game store. All the players who have already own or will buy the tank before the 0.7.5. release - will keep the vehicle their hangar.

If you were considering purchasing the KV-5 but decided not to - you still have a chance to enrich your collection.Afterwards the tank might be introduced for a short period during special events or other activities held by the company, follow the news on our website.

The exact time and date of the 0.7.5. release will be given separately. Stay tuned!