Change Your Password Event

Note: While you may see this article get "bumped" to the top of the blogroll, it doesn't mean this is a separate event.                 It's done to ensure everyone is aware of this event so they have a chance to obtain the installment of 300.


In order to improve security due to recent events and to maintain account integrity for all of our players, Wargaming is supplying a one-time installment of 300 to each player that successfully updates their account password.

While we do support the regular updating of your account password, your account is only eligible for one payment.

Sign into your account on the World of Tanks Portal; once there, you'll be able to update your password using the Account Management tools.

Keep your tanks secure by maintaining safe account practices. Your new password should consist of capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. The longer your password is, the better protected your account becomes.

Thank you for your attention. Roll out!

Access Account Management Page

Automated delivery of gold may take up to 24 hours to process.

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