Certainly Sherman Weekend


Whether you are rapid-firing with the 76 mm cannon or using the explosive 105 mm howitzer, Sherman drivers are in for a Credit treat in this weekend's event. Blast your way through several exciting missions as you command these iconic mediums.

However, even if you have not yet had a chance to acquire one of these Shermans, we've included Gold discounts to help you on your way!

Start Date: Friday, March 7, 03:00 PST (06:00 EST)

End Date: Monday, March 10, 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT)


Regular Vehicles
50% Credit Discount and Income Boost: 

V M4 Sherman M4 Sherman

30% Credit Discount and Income Boost:

VI M4A3E8 Sherman M4A3E8 Sherman

VI M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo M4A3E2 Jumbo

Premium Vehicles

50% Off (Gold)

V T14 T14

First Victory of the Day
x3 Experience


Crew and Garage Discounts
Garage Slots
25% Off (Gold)
Crew Skill Reset
25% Off (Gold) 
Crew Training
25% Off (Gold)
Mission/Objective Restrictions Reward

The Wayback Machine

Destroy 50 enemy German, Soviet or US vehicles

  • You must be in a German, Soviet or US vehicle
  • Random battles only
  • Tier IV or higher
  • Repeatable

x5 Large Repair Kits

x5 Large First Aid Kits

x5 Automatic Fire Extinguisher


Famous Folks of History

Achieve one of the following Medals:

  • Radley-Walters’ Medal
  • Pool’s Medal
  • Orlik's Medal
  • Tamada Yoshio Medal
  • Lehvaslaiho’s Medal
  • Oskin's Medal
  • Nichols’ Medal
  • Kolobanov's Medal
  • Halonen's Medal
  • Fadin's Medal
  • Pascucci’s Medal
  • Dumitru’s Medal
  • Burda's Medal
  • Billotte's Medal
  • Bruno’s Medal
  • Tarczay’s Medal
  • Raseiniai Heroes' Medal
  • De Langlade's Medal
  • Random battles only
  • Repeatable
x2 Credits for the battle

Sherman and Somebody

Destroy two enemy vehicles


  • Random battles only
  • Must be in a Platoon
  • Repeatable
  • Must be in one of the following:
    • M4 Sherman
    • M4A3E8
    • M4A3E2
x2 Crew XP for the battle

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