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Caption Contest: Hang 10


Thanks to The Chieftan who showed us exactly what not to do in a tank with last week's Caption Contest, this time we're diving right back into World of Tanks® for a brand-new Caption Contest!

Caption Contest #9 Winners

1st Place (Tied) 500

Misfire42: "This tank crew used a different definition of 'hull down.' "

RedGremlin: "Don't worry, in the press release they're calling it 'Operation Majestic Hoist.'"

2nd Place 250

LokiCometh: "In Real Life, there is no 'Back to Garage' Button. "

3rd Place (Tied) 100

Shoggoth: "Tank farming has always been a dirty job; but a time honored tradition regardless."

Noggmoritz: "Don't worry guys, I sent in a ticket to WG. We won't get stuck here next patch."

Be sure to congratulate the winners as well as discuss Caption Contest #9 here.

Caption Contest #10

As for this week, anarchyxf36 has submitted an image for us to use for this week's contest. So without further ado, let's get started!

Submit Your Caption Discuss This Contest

1st Place: 500
2nd Place: 250
3rd Place: 100

As always, you're allowed a single entry in the entry thread. All you have to do is enter your favorite caption for a chance to win gold. This contest will end at 23:59 PST on January 23rd so be sure to get your captions in beforehand. Then we'll close the thread will then open it up to you, the community, to vote on a winner. Good luck!