Books Are Back by Popular Demand!


Two acclaimed books, Firepower and Can Openers, are back in print and available at Amazon. Don’t miss this chance to add authoritative reference material to your library!

Each book contains an exclusive bonus code that activates a pair of missions. Successfully complete both missions within 14 days of activating the code and you get the the U.S. M56 Scorpion Tier VII tank destroyer free! You can see the mission Conditions and Restrictions in the in-game client after the code is activated.

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Firepower: A History of the American Heavy Tank by R.P. Hunnicutt

Originally published in 1988, R.P. Hunnicutt's Firepower is the ultimate one-stop-shop for information. The book focuses on the U.S. Army's development programs of heavy tanks from 1918 through the M103's service in the 1960s—including various proposals and modifications that never were built. With more than 230 pages and packed with photographs and drawings from testing agencies and related manuals, Firepower is a comprehensive overview of the various components and vehicles that were proposed, tried, rejected, or entered service. The World of Tanks reprint includes six pages of updates and additional information.


Can Openers by Nicholas Moran

Continuing in the style of the Hunnicutt book series, Can Openers focuses on vehicle roles rather than platform. If a vehicle was developed as an anti-tank gun motor carriage, or at least placed into the role, it's covered here regardless of the base vehicle from which it was manufactured. At 228 pages, sourced entirely from the National Archives or operator's manuals, and packed with illustrations, Can Openers covers the development history of trial vehicles, including the vast majority never accepted for service. With a foreword by Harry Yeide, consider Can Openers a companion to that author's The Tank Killers, which covers how those vehicles were used in the war. 


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