UK’s Great Tanks Need a Commander Like You

The final week of March of Nations shines a light on the UK tech tree with discounts on tiers VI and VII, and we’re highlighting some of them below. The following tanks are 30% off until April 10, and the Cromwell offers an extra prize when you beat the Wargaming staff score!

More Details on Specials  

FV304: Bird’s-Eye-View at Tier VI

Sometimes known as “Bert” or “Bert the Avenger” in the WoT community, the FV304 moves quickly for artillery. It’s also one of the most accurate artillery vehicles in the game, which can be one of the most painful parts of playing the vehicle type. Plus a fast aim time and high gun arc means you can really pester enemies, even if they think they’re safe!

Tier VI Medium Marvels

One may be far more popular, but don’t knock the other! Try both of these medium tanks for a great time on the battlefield.

Sherman Firefly


Cromwell may be more popular among World of Tanks players, but the Firefly packs more damage per shot and more penetration. Show those enemies who’s boss with this fierce weapon! One of the most popular tanks at tier VI, the Cromwell brings its commanders a lot of fulfillment and joy! It doesn’t pack the same punch as the Firefly, but it fires faster and is far more mobile for flanking attacks.

Challenger: Tier VII Sniper

Hang back while you command the Challenger, and trust its top gun’s great gun handling and accuracy to snipe enemies from a safe perch, then use its speed to quickly reposition when needed. Its alpha damage isn’t great for its tier, but a high rate of fire allows you to continually blast those enemies into submission. 

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