Take the British Challenge!

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The Brits are receiving reinforcements with a whole new beast. Bolstering the U.K. line is a new Tier VIII Premium heavy tank, the Caernarvon Action X, and it’s the grand prize for the British Challenge, adorned in a unique camo especially for the event.

The British Challenge’s concept is similar to the Italian Challenge (to earn the autoreloading Progetto M35 mod 46). This time, however, we heard your feedback and made it a bit simpler, but the challenge still packs a sizeable punch. Earning this tank with your own two hands will certainly be a case for celebration.

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Main Characteristics
caernarvon action x
Hit Points
1,500 HP
Average Damage
230/230/280 HP
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
36.3/12 km/h
Commander / Gunner / Driver / Loader
Average Damage
230/230/280 HP
Average Penetration
226/258/42 mm
Dispersion at 100 m
0.32 m
Aiming Time
2.3 s
Rate of Fire
10.2 rounds/min
Gun Reload Time
5.88 s
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles
Turret Traverse Speed
36 deg/s
Signal Range
750 m
Turret Armor
254/152/95 mm
View Range
380 m
Hit Points
1,500 HP
Load Limit
70 t
Hull Armor
130/50/38 mm
50 item(s)
Engine Power
950 h.p.
Specific Power
14.53 h.p./t
Traverse Speed
28 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
36.3/12 km/h

This tank might have decent armor but it’s not enough to play from the front. Its gun really focuses on DPM, even though its average damage per shot is 230. While low for a Tier VIII heavy, the gun boasts great accuracy and combines with good depression to compensate. Just remember to play slightly behind the frontline and use the terrain to cover your hull! Plus the Caernarvon Action X is a perfect Crew trainer for those looking to take command of the Super Conquerer at Tier X!

Event Starts: September 14, 07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET
Event Ends: September 28, 07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET

The British Challenge will have you clambering in Random Battles to earn rewards and in-game valuables, including Credits, Personal Reserves, unique Camo, and the Caernarvon Action X!

How It Works

Just like the Italian Challenge, the chase for the Caernarvon involves completing 10 consecutive stages. And continuing like its predecessor, there are two ways to earn rewards, adding more versatility and fun.

  • Endurance race: Built around the amount of base XP points you earn, this approach encourages those who succeed by sheer persistence. Each stage requires you to gain a certain amount of base XP, rolling out in Tier VI and higher vehicles. Just remember: your results only counts if you are one of the top 10 XP earners on your team at the end of a battle — no matter whether your team wins or loses.
  • Ramp up the challenge: You can opt for alternative, far more complex tasks, while being limited to Tier X machines. Fulfilling these objectives will save you time, but you’ll have to give it your all.

Fast Track

If you find you’re running out of time to complete the missions, the tank will be available in the Premium Shop and you will be discounted 10% for each stage you’ve already completed. So, for example, completing 7 out of 10 stages will knock 70% off the price. Just make sure you're logged in when you go to make your purchase!

IMPORTANT: Purchasing the bundle gives you the full pack of rewards and automatically checks all event battle missions as completed. So you won’t be able to access them once you have the bundle.

The Caernarvon Action X will remain on sale for two days after the end of the event — until September 30, 07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET, so even if you run out of time, you’ll still be able to get your hands on this British Premium!

If you are interested in British vehicles, we've got a special discount bundle, The British Duo, on sale Sept. 14-Oct. 1. 

Get ready to take on the challenge and earn the new Brit!