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A bit about the French presents an interview, held with Nikita Shpakov, game designer of World of Tanks project. The main topic of discussion is upcoming French tanks and their features. Besides that, the developer speaks about gameplay peculiarities and French tanks characteristics.

" Probably the most interesting thing for our players now is the automatic loader that will be installed on some of the French tanks. Can you tell us how this thing will work? I think that most of the players imagine that it will work this way - tank moves out from the corner, makes a burst of shots, say 5-6, and then quickly withdraws for a minute or so to reload its gun.

Nikita Shpakov, game designer of World of Tanks project: Well, this is not entirely correct. What you've said describes the mechanics of an automatic gun (conventionally) Mechanics of automatic loader will be somehow different - quick reload inside the magazine case, and After it's empty you'll have to withdraw and wait for reload. I can't tell you the figures now - how long will it take to reload, as it still being balanced, and probably the figures I have in mind will be changed later, but I can say that it will be twice or thrice the time faster, than reloading of the same weapon, but without automatic loader."

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