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A New Battle Tutorial Premiers with 8.4


With the release of the 8.4 update, every player will have the opportunity to run through the Battle Tutorial. This tutorial is designed to introduce the newest of players to some of the fundamental control and gameplay mechanics present in World of Tanks.

Veteran tankers will undoubtedly be more than familiar with all of the material covered in the tutorial, and while the reward for completing the tutorial will give a fresh tank commander a thrill, don't expect it to fill your coffers.

The video above is a complete run-through of the Battle Tutorial, from start to finish. We do intend upon expanding the tutorial system, either through in-game segements or videos, or by utilizing external sources, but please feel free to leave your feedback about the Battle Tutorial in the appropriate forum thread. We're always looking for meaningful and constructive suggestions.

Please be aware that there may be a queue time when accessing the Battle Tutorial. New players will be given a                     priority position.