Come Get Your Rewards in Battle Pass Season 3!

Have you already grabbed the sweet rewards in the latest season of Battle Pass, Commanders?

If not, don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn tons of great prizes in one of the most epic activities in World of Tanks. Battle Pass Season 3 is in full swing, featuring two brand-new pieces of Bounty Equipment, amazing 2D and 3D custom looks, stunning Decals, and much more.

You Keep Surprising Us, Commanders!

In the meantime, we’d like to share with you some interesting statistics from the event as your progress through Battle Pass Season 3 has been really impressive. Check them out and give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work!

We’re happy to remind you that we’ve updated some of the reward mechanics so that you can choose the prizes you want from a selection of standard and Bounty Equipment. Let’s review the details once again!

Redeem the Equipment of Your Choice!

One of the key highlights of the Season is the opportunity to choose from several available pieces of new standard and Bounty Equipment. Upon reaching certain Main Progression Stages, you can decide which piece of equipment you get as your reward. Choose wisely and consider your personal playstyle!

Bounty Equipment

You get Bounty Equipment as an improved reward at stage 20 and as a base reward at stage 30.

  • Bounty Gun Laying Drive
  • Bounty Optics
  • Bounty Rammer
  • Bounty Stabilizer
  • Bounty Ventilation
  • NEW! Bounty Configuration
  • NEW! Bounty Rotation Mechanism

Pay special attention to Bounty Rotation Mechanism as this is a truly unique equipment item that has no Improved Equipment analog. It provides your vehicles with greater bonuses than standard equipment, making them more competitive in battles.

New Standard Equipment

  • Commander's Vision System
  • Improved Aiming Unit
  • Improved Configuration
  • Improved Hardening
  • Improved Radio Set
  • Improved Rotation Mechanism
  • Low Noise Exhaust System
  • Turbocharger

As soon as you reach a certain Main Progression Stage, a special icon will appear on the Battle Pass screen. Click the button in the upper-right corner of the progression menu that will take you to the Homefront Supplies section of the Depot in your Garage. There you can redeem the standard or Bounty Equipment item of your choice for a whole year after the end of the Season, until December 7, 2021. So even if you don't pick it up in the coming weeks, these cool prizes will be waiting patiently for you until December next year in the Homefront Supplies section.

Styles, Decals, Emblems–Take ’Em All!

In addition to valuable Equipment, you can collect unique customization elements for completing Main Progression Stages, including:

Two attractive all-season 2D Styles:

  • "Amphibious Warfare:"
  • "Armored Concrete:"

Gorgeous non-historical Decals and fancy Emblems:

Decals: Emblems:

"Mary Ann"
"Assault Penguin"
"Sea Tigers"

You can view the rewards for all Stages via the Battle Pass screen in your Garage, or in the widget below.

Base Reward
Improved Reward

In addition, we updated the list of items available for Bonds in the in-game shop. If you reach the Second Division in Ranked Battles, you can purchase a new 3D Style for the Soviet T-100 LT Tier X light tank, "Blunt-Nosed Viper," for the standard price of 10,000 Bonds. However, you can use your personal cumulative discount to get it for as little as 4,000 Bonds. Consider exchanging the Bonds you’ve earned in Battle Pass Season 3 for this visual masterpiece!

Get Ready to Fight Through the Elite Progression!

Remember that your battle journey doesn't end with the completion of the Main Progression. Climb up the ranks in the Elite Progression to earn over 6,500 Bonds and amazing projection decals displaying your current Elite Progression Stage.

Show Off Your Hard Work!

And of course, you’ll be able to show our tank community your hard work throughout the Season by applying an Elite Chevron. You’ll be rewarded with this noble insignia after completing the first Stage of the Elite Progression. Your Elite Chevron will display your current Battle Pass Elite Progression Stage and update automatically as you advance.

Keep on fighting and earning sweet rewards in Battle Pass, Commanders!

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