[Video] Showdown | 1. The Chase

World of Tanks is hosting a long-term event with a bunch of unique rewards, and two legendary commanders are competing for the title of the best tank ace.

Watch as Vasiliy Badaev in the Object 277 and George Barton in the Super Conqueror storm the battlefield and push themselves to the limits to be the first to complete this challenge. Each of them is trying hard to win, so a serious struggle is unfolding for every frag!

In this first episode, both commanders have found themselves in Himmelsdorf. With his gun jammed and a menacing T57 Heavy on his tail, Barton is about to beat a hasty retreat. The mortal race has begun...

Whose side will Lady Luck be on? Who will lead this battle of equals? Watch the first episode of an exciting story of rivalry between two tank aces! 

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