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Battle of Moscow Specials


We are holding a special this weekend in honor of the Battle of Moscow! This battle started the 2nd of October 1941 and ended the 7th of January 1942. The German forces launched an operation named Operation Typhoon to try and take over the Moscow region. After months of struggle and defense, the German offensive was pushed back and surrounded.

Here is a list of the many specials we will be having this weekend, from October 14 (starting  at 4 AM PDT) to October 17th (ending at 4 AM PDT):

  • These tanks will be half price and earn double credits:
    • PzKpfw 38 nA
    • PzKpfw IV
    • PzKpfw VI Tiger (P)
    • VK 3001 (P)
    • T-28
    • KV
    • KV-3
    • IS
  • These premium tanks are also half off:
    • PzKpfw B2 740
    • Matilda
  • 5x XP for the first victory each day (on each of your tanks)
  • Enlarging barracks are half off (150 gold)
  • 100% crew training is half off (100 gold per member)
  • Retraining crew to 100% primary skill will be half off (100 gold)
  • Training a crew bought with a tanks to 100% also half off (100 gold)

Be sure to log on this weekend to take advantage of these specials!

Be aware that if you win your first victory before 4 AM PDT on October 14th, you will not be eligible for the 5x XP till after 5 PM PDT time.