August Keeps Up the Summer Heat

Summer is heating up, all the way to the high tiers! This month, we shine a spotlight on experienced tankers and strategy-focused Clan play. And there's never been a better reason to celebrate tanks -- because it's Wargaming's 18th anniversary and the 100th anniversary of the first tank to roll into battle! 

Join the ride and hold on tight... this summer is gonna be AWESOME!

Summer Play - Tank Rewards!

Test your skills and be rewarded -- the best part is, you choose the reward! 

Summer Clan Play

It's the best time of year to be in a Clan, or join one! August is all about cooperation and teamwork in Clans with contests, rewards and ultimately, the spotlight!


Tanks of the Month

This year's Grand Finals tank and the wildly popular Berlin Quartet are making a comeback, plus one heavy metal tank destroyer -- the Skorpion!

Wargaming's 18th Anniversary

Wargaming is reaching "adulthood", and we're giving out x3 XP first win bonus, Crew discounts, a gift tank and more! 

100 Years of Tanks Missions

A five-week challenge to earn unique medals and emblems celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first tank rolling into battle!

Summer Play Extravaganza!

x5 XP on first wins for four straight days, discounts on high-tier vehicles, Premium time and missions for more stuff!

Third Thursday Throwdown

It's another typhoon of easy-to-unlock rentals for one day only!

Bonus Weekends

Beyond the weekend anniversary celebrations, more bonuses are coming at you!

  • Aug. 5-8: x2 Crew XP Weekend
  • Aug. 26-29: x3 XP Weekend

Weekly Class Focus

Get to know how each vehicle class ticks with missions, rentals and special tank bundles!