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Atomic MPC: A Tankin' Good Time!

"Is there any conflict nobler than World War II? It had everything – it was the last great war of manoeuvre, featured a clear villain, and featured all arms of the military going hell for leather at each other. If you’re a war-nerd, it’s the last great conflict; everything else since then just leaves a sour taste in your mouth."

The famous Australian gaming source Atomic Maximum Power Computing devoted its article to World of Tanks, giving its high appraisal and sharing its impressions of the game.

The gaming source highlighted main game features and gameplay system, pointing out the vast variety of tanks and the progression from tank to tank which follows a pretty complete tech tree of American, German and Russian.

Besides estimating the game itself, Atomic MPC attracts the reader with a vivid comparison of World of Tanks to other game projects, and we are glad to say that World of Tanks wins high score in each parallel!

"It really is amazing that this game can be enjoyed as is for zero cost, and yet made even better by spending a few bucks. Premium accounts need to be regularly paid for, and we’ll certainly be doing just that. World of Tanks has done the near impossible and knocked Bad Company 2 off the Atomic default gaming roster. If that’s not high praise for an out of nowhere game from an independent publisher, we don’t know what is."

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