Presenting the Art of War Winners


We're pleased to announce the winners for one of our largest contests to date. Thousands of matches featuring the new Chinese vehicles have raged across our battlefields since the start of the competition on January 17th. Those players with the highest XP scores have risen to the surface and are listed below, along with their prizes!

If you've been living under a rock for the last month, you can find the complete Art of War details here. Unfortunately, the contest is at an end.

 The top two winners for each tank, if they already posses a Type 59 or Type 62, will instead be credited an equivalent amount of gold. Type 59 — 7,500, Type 62 — 4,800

As we expected, there were a number of ties during this event. Especially for the last seat of each winners list. This is why you'll see that some of the lists contain more than the top 100 players. We even had a tie for second place for the tier VIII heavy 110. The good news is that every one of them is getting paid!

Please keep in mind that the XP totals are raw totals and do not include any bonuses (Premium Account, first victory bonus, etc.) All data for the totals were pulled directly from the game logs between the specified dates. No screen shots or replays were necessary to be considered for entry.

Congratulations to all of our winners! By the way, the fastest way to find your name is to press Ctrl + F and enter your name.

Art of War Results

Final Result for I Renault NC-31


I place — skinnyBone with 1,542 XP —Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 1,000

II place — RudeCalling with 1,536—Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  1,000

III place — Thrakus 1,465 —Reward: One month Premium account + 1,000

   These players earned at least 1,136 XP and will be rewarded with 1,000
TailsFoxRan, Big_Jess, 19EchoUS, bigTINGTING, Musonius, mindpool, Sirdad2000, talonwt, vitalishe, skree, Wyrmshadow, guardian38, Caernarvon, ttcbix, caddyboy, Cartwright, 4L3x_xtc_Loudo, dizzy_earth, badnick2001, CRAPGAME, Ultima_Weapon, Menzies, Ultimatnoob, Conservative_guy, private1509, SwedishEOD, blindavid, LordWillM, dopper, topgunm, espionage92_RE, jackie12, gunslingeru, JoplinMo, pdrworks, Kuroialty, Ozwald007, ksynana, KoningTiger, smith504, whiskey_zulu, GenLucky, Pontacio, KingAlphyn, _Wiking_, runzwsissors, dwayjee, kam58, soulkaban, BitterD, 8112204, PanzerKanonen, Steamboat, HemiSaxon, _M_S_S_, Patton_Slap, MAJOR__DAMAGE, BatteryBox, Chuck_Norris_u3_Poccuu, mangafreak7793, Staberinde, jelanen, DVN59, Crxflippr, Azrou, mac77, warmturret, panzermjager, Bellrock, ORP_Dragon, CAPT_CARNAGE, DylanisJust, Svarrogg, blowemupp, Piraterum, HeyThatHurts, raccoon29, xjemx, ManiacXII, wildkarde, skatekov, LtCol_Pajari, dalesacra, Bongwata, All_Way, Gloryhound, arrrgh, KingKong0o0, Ecko12, 7zero, Arilon, Coal_Thief, tankapotimusrex, EWW, hoopvol, POKEDSMOT, ace85, GhostRider_02D, seacucumber

Final Results for II Vickers Mk. E Type B


I place — dizzy_earth with 1328 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 1,000

II place — arrrgh with 1322 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  1,000

III place — TigerD7 with 1273 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 1,000

These players earned at least 971 XP and will be rewarded with 1,000
RSH427R, slowhand5x5, Kuroialty, hohoho, American_Grenadier666, BobBiggins, Zeven, CaptTenneal, Submarine, Sazar, MajorTomm4star, runzwsissors, A_Big_Dumb_Newb, JDBanjoman, smibble4, Warhead66, vuoriporsas, kajan_ua, Scout1, allbassfearme, soulkaban, Dirizon, SaVaGee, dewky, SF_Tucker, Destinyxp, dom700, HardCarbon, FLaSh__51, Perv, dopper, 3rdFanther, T34_76, Shiftec, ogrizoo, nakieon, kill9808, Crio2013, espionage92_RE, armymike63, Pandorra, Blint, Pollenz, JPNoobPlayer, skinnedpupp, Captain_Choi, FlameWind, yunman93, _Wiking_, SassanidShockCavalry, Mulon, dangstrait, 4L3x_xtc_Loudo, FlagellumDei, Haggis_of_Doom, hiapple, DSWolfeman, EWW, BigKitty01, njty, BonJA, MyNameIsMT, Bodybag2, Mourneblade, PoLLiToP, Ultimatnoob, Kasaran, hammer91, L4Z4RUS_107, John_Chicken, WASABIAJI, H57, Zakaladas, 1100111101, Ryders, Kamikaze_kok, More_Cow_Bell, Finieous, BabSeed, eiver, Hawat, DHanson865, QuintLeo, SwedishEOD, IAF_Kriegsmarine, BillyJoeBob, acethical, macario77, Plainsfox, Mr_Kaboom83, Commander_Numbers, fastmetal, The_Rust, Kuncle, Capt_Kab1am, CaterpillerMan, paininthears, MJBahr007, XMdead, BigKuhama

Final Results for III Type 2597 Chi-Ha


I place — sensenon with 1515 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 1,000

II place — cat773 with 1504 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  1,000

III place — Goon165 with 1483 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 1,000

 These players earned at least 1,126 XP and will be rewarded with 1,000
One_Track_Lover, hedgemonkey, Biddybam, Kramburglar, Tim_Rover, BlazeZero, valdals, Kingofpie69, onegaki, Lionfishy, Vodzilla, Alphonceaux, Marumatu, NuRu, genmu, SIDaniel, Nominative99, LtCol_Pajari, tappat, Mech_, VanDarkholme, Sgt_R0ck, hinsitima, APTX4869, McMadd, Jetfighter5, ZOMBIEUNIT, toshiaki_virgin, Sazar, SapphireFox, Crwman, onesickpuppy, Bienco, Scout1, arrrgh, IronWolf_89, Einhardt, mameshibafuji, Hrothbane, Radiergummi, warmturret, Sinistre, kingtiger333, Captainzot, spotty34, Th3leg3nd, oldfiredog14, UrsoLeproso, Jsteward43, TheGrognard, Karel17, SergeantSchultz, Gonzee, Lulpin, return80, KingKong0o0, Nodjia, jar230, Object774, guanchun, GameBoyColorGuy, brosef, minnelli, hiipanda, AndrewTheSly, duckandrun, Azure_F, SCCM, Don_Tacos, GRIFFON_ONE, IronButtBanks, VONCLUNK, SKVV, curip, JackAttack22, hellpig, Pags61182, Shamus232, Ink16V, Wiseman400, Major_Storm, SaVaGee, LompeBoer, Frank1942, stevenxuyi, tsumuji_kaze, MrWrath, andrew1257, oykt009, heavymetal1967, donadavs, raven85, dewky, Lucciola, riverson, Engage, hvPALANTIRION, Furwink

Final Results for IV M5A1 Stuart


I place — SaVaGee with 1656 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 1,000

II place — Scout1 with 1614 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  1,000

III place — GreyhoundD with 1568 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 1,000

 These players earned at least 1,219 XP and will be rewarded with 1,000
Gurgar, ToeTag23, Illy, saltynut1, KingKong0o0, Fatigatti_AR, squibbon, xShadowTechx, xdeathx666, Cipher_Itai, CrazyWookie, Oxylogged, RhettLee, SuperHer0, ChocoGuy, tiptop987, Shiminator, Viadimu, Jon017335, shanedawg, Zolyee, Hammerhead_, DrThrax123, bat21zing, Valdez, Zed_209, unsgt, gkuenneke, feep, Acheron187, Chazbo, Merentar, Fooferton, pux2001, Niv13, Orcoz, TankSealJacuzzi, DrGoat, R2Jay1986, Medicman11, Harry_Tanaka, sturm666, rem, gmanboxer, apothegm, cpembach1, dodgemoe1, dudumaster, 25October, Nem_The_Kroft, TG_Unload, viejoloco, aeallstar, PX4, canio22, Warwolf595, IronBandit, CTA, malandro0694, Mad_Bullerman, GunnerGrif, yo2u, _NiNE_, UxPLODE, scoutman, futaba, EdaLife, Metis_Manyscalps, georgemp, Beast_killer007, JP_hetzer, WileECoyote_, partswise, Thanatos69, _Donaghy_, ViolentPacifist, Lanceit, SmithWinston_655321, hugowcaal, mcgyver, johnny1513, XHORUS, Otto_von_Saxony, Pave_Low, RedPaulsky, tac0, jovakko, NightGoat, ANryencoke, SnowLynx, 1SLUGGO1, Kupasmiechu, hogei, roflzilla24, 77bigguns77, ivanliew, aohomu, Batty, santiago666_baal

Final Results for V Type T-34


I place — ParanoidSniper with 1,661 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 2,500

II place — Commissioner_Cranston with 1,654 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  2,500

III place — DH_Hades with 1,638 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 2,500

  These players earned at least 1,331 XP and will be rewarded with 2,500
X_ta_C, BaronIsh, ORP_Dragon, skcuf, cdwinaz, Gath69, ExplosiveBrutality, Mojo087, TG_Unload, Scout1, joshkb2003, Bayou_Boy, jiahuameng, Beast848, GreeDWarrioR, Hoosh, Crittercracker, Otto_von_Saxony, Faltalis, tohuvbohu, pspencerVA, PublicEn3my, Chaku, militant83, thewhitecrow, perfectno1, Plohish, imoody12, dizzy_earth, AnorexicWhale, Aleutian, HadoEXTREM, Tupinambis, trireme, HDPE, godofdun, drivere350, Lulpin, Darwinism, thekillerjud, taoohis, Blitz_Fox, Pub_Rage, skewed, happyfatty, Prav, Boricha, LiGang, WarCry45, Jack_NMI_Stecker, 8112204, Gryn13, CabooseRvB, _El_Barto_Simpsons_, Jebitz, Mangomon, wind0000000, Psyco44, 4ak_MsF, TauciusLT9, desertfox7, adj1099, Warbadger, Fabricius1, makewater, Cra66y, On1zuka, aiglis, leon19871117, Katukov, DEVILMAN_LOOTER, unicia, Leader_H, TankSealJacuzzi, disturbedmetal, Svalsbard, Scav, Starshield, Metatron7777, zanderpr, UrsoLeproso, LordScootaloo, vvvppp, CaptRadagon, tomego, Angreifen, GTIZI, big_boo_baddy, moonywars, Geno, Breivik, Jaegs, soldier12, VikingInPink, Deceit, Harry_Tanaka, Deadlys, Leatheredneck, bignich, colan16, Nasty, LordDillord, killsome, Tracker11

Final Results for VI 59-16


I place — Nemecroisepas with 1,778 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 2,500

II place —  ItsGonRain with 1,684 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  2,500

III place —  conqueringaz with 1,638 XP— Reward: One month Premium Account + 2,500

   These players earned at least 1,281 XP and will be rewarded with 2,500
TrulyPerfect, Shmee, AlmightyPants, BauBau, E4GLE2, PublicEn3my, Faltalis, LeMe, k339, TyrHammer, GW_Panther, Lugia345, archangel332, Leibniz, Zakaladas, Slinky510, hutchy52, slumlord, Zeven, JackAttack22, Mizerable, TOLDUSO, Dwardo, Swagbeast, Gyromancer, SpeedWeaponry, cuapsos, PurpleGuy, espionage92_RE, Warrior555x, imoody12, KingKong0o0, hyperion777, Landsknecht, NuclearBanane, gibblehgah, DA_PRO, mathus8, RogueCruiser, KarlManx, gic11, AbsoluteRoyal, Kozak115, SovietArmada, Anvil00, HERMANHESSE, dizzy_earth, luky777, dopper, Viadimu, The__Don, Ruger108, steedcelibate, India_Actual, Akelorian, aloysius, bortan, Illy, xCrusaderx, gfreak, Spinnerson, konkerhavoks, Chingy, Prav, Nerdbeater, Katukov, zdude1858, RealityCh3ck, jacg123, Wolfpacked, Tanks1now, Rager1st, machshot, McAwsome, samchairedstar, Supercohboy2, xgalderx, Ruukil, TROLLOLHAH, Zenta, BattleRaven01, Kamikaze_kok, kingbright, newplayer21, Petuko, 4L3x_xtc_Loudo, canyi, Firenza, LeaderMegatron, mattking2010, Tichinde, Psykmoe, gotfrancois111, QUINNage, IcePizza, seblxb, rogue_gamecube, Fawl, _Wolf_Krieger_, moss

Final Results for VI Type 58


I place —  POWMIA81 with 1,825 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 2,500

II place —  ViniZaoD with 1,761 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  2,500

III place —  kakapapa_cn 1,746 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 2,500

 These players earned at least 1,433 XP and will be rewarded with 2,500
soldier12, YoLinKin, Scout1, WBRequiem, SpeedWeaponry, dariano, CarlosTheJackal, Squirrelin, Firenza, Killamankyle, Striker_002, MaxL_1023, BaneTank, tijuanaphil, Swolin, Recnelis, Farcus_Prime, tiberiansun098, McaerAmon, TauciusLT9, Infidel, Prav, miraclefull, VaporTrail, Yokubou, Bellrock, DoniL73, Zisme, Penchii, bjbit, Barton_West, ScubaSteve_, RiskyParasite, shing, HerbalThrill, _Bergs_, jianly, StranaMechty, Tracker11, bluepiglet, MIHCK, JOHELL7, ItsGonRain, On1zuka, Scav, iwillgetshot, aauu1234, LongI3ow, Bigjim, FS_Safe, stankytank, Talad, polka, DeadDotEd, Eribus, toon229, jamanbread, cidsavage, turegum, MTGun, BaronIsh, KarlManx, Nukem501, GeneralHeinz, TankStar2003, zhumin543, CrunchyPickle, Crazygiro8, Fruitcake4me, NoblesseOblige, Kriegal, Oxylogged, BobZeConqueror, 4L3x_xtc_Loudo, AARRRGGGG, Dodoma, RollingOnTreadsFTW, Meat_Puppet, R0N1N, lee_1985, MisterCoolone, Kaos85, topgun52, profchaos2, SauerOafBraten, DR34MZ, IanJZ, Klaus_von_Angry, mazdapower, Chingy, ThunderBunny, RoseOfPain, ArabManTanks, partigirl, HPOW1ANNIHILATOR, dragonlance999jb, Zyhre, Zarazka, Praetor77

Final Results for VII T-34-1


I place —  Firenza with 2,500+ XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 2,500

II place —  BaronIsh —Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  2,500

III place —  churbronz —Reward: One month Premium Account + 2,500

 These players earned at least 1,400 XP and will be rewarded with 2,500
grapist911, tonacer, SHADE11ce, donsor, Transylvanian, Squeesher, Garbad, Src, sc1989cn, Painfulstorm, Gallamoth, Karel17, Col_Angus, Munro18, CP9, NoblesseOblige, Sh3ph3rd, H57, beni9n, PublicEn3my, Nosfis, cmcgillen, Zeven, mouse991, akizuki09, Mourneblade, GeneralHeinz, Trouble2, MesoTroniK, deadroth, autorev, IN47906, thandiflight, jaymond, ViniZaoD, Thee_G, Raigir, liank130, Neomojo, Lenin1920, ObsidianFlow, Schweppes8, Bugle, DamnBear, DarkRegion, Vladco, onioni007, Marumatu, R3V3NG3R, crono0160, 2gunkid, kemzie, R_E_D, mp0wer, Kirss, kakapapa_cn, miraclefull, BaneTank, Husein11, EuLo, Markars, Scav, Zukov, NyuuChan, Fouquin, Turo, alex3ff, Randin, BigDaddy0519, dariano, ZeSlayer, tommy123789, olivedrab, TRYK, zblimp, reim, gerbilshower, TheQuickbunny, AdmiralDrake, supertank3r, jordanrwatson, artophwar, HerbalThrill, Fitnop, HVAP_APCR, Infantryjoe, faytt, Feiron, spearshaker6, ZEROSTATE, Sinistrad, Recnelis, Toonage, commandx, LOBSTER_MOBSTER, Striker_002, Ranger51, ThaMonk3y

Final Results for VII WZ-131


I place —  Rela with 2,154 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 2,500

II place —  Gorgragar with 2,020 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  2,500

III place — UNLAWFULL_SKILLS with 2,001 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 2,500

 These players earned at least 1,500 XP and will be rewarded with 2,500
 Vargenstid, Bloodwulfkilljoy, Feisty_Goat, Mizerable, Talad, IcePizza, chainsawpsycho, Pyro_fox_hunter, JediDonkey, Prowling_Cactus, camador, GD_Landser, scarz01, Overlord_Prime, xiaoshiqi, Praetor77, Medic163M, jacg123, Tedster59, oakleysteve, mrjefferson, Col_Angus, AbsoluteRoyal, Teram, TN_Sniper, Guderian_QC, Wiffles, kingbright, _Wolf_Krieger_, sentence_dagger, Warbadger, galshushu, JustinC, Keats, lon_peregrino, CommieComrade, Lestat616, Anvil00, Mark2454, imoody12, Maniac35, AnthonyRae2011, xredzerox, DA_PRO, Husein11, NyuuChan, Revant, DanielWTang, Firenza, gotfrancois111, Physche, Olai, Spinnerson, slumlord, j520186, scorp1975, DrUnK_PaNdA, force128, XXXHUNTERXXX, fablkak, Blackjax, Incarnadine28, Fuggaak, Dematerialize, musashi666, warmturret, Ivec, Marumatu, poXoq, BigBro123, panzerdan412, doubletank33, BrackDynamite, byron2286, SP4RT4N, xShadowTechx, tankduke1, hutchy52, kaiQ, Zeven, commanderted, Chickens, btmedic04, JackAttack22, Ridgerunner20, Pontifex, Fawl, krowmagg, DingBat, Darkstar5, yarotoch, kajfasz9, Cue22, Lieselotte, Reppic27, marsh166, Canada_KyleB, cycliscs

Final Results for VII IS-2


I place —  marshalmartin with 2,051 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 2,500

II place — Hoccus with 1,933 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  2,500

III place —  NextOfKin with 1,915 XP —Reward: One month Premium Account + 2,500

 These players earned at least 1,483 XP and will be rewarded with 2,500
BlazeZero, PtolemaiosII, First_Ranger, _Chukar_, Ghazi, sailingupmnts0, plagueis, Grune, Fade2Black, PhotoFinish, SamJax, Chingy, Icemarsoc, Llama13, cosair, HavNoMercy, Cpt_Stupidity, People_Republic_of_China, XM0NEY, flakegun, soldier12, deathsheads, dominator350, Bugle, skylinekiller, JohnGaltCobraCommander, oZJannson, Ryders, BigWiser, PublicEn3my, EuLo, MjrReisman, Fruitcake4me, Viadimu, ShadowxBlaze, spikerbota, POWMIA81, dieharrdd, Wooot, AdmGen_Aladeen, GVJLIMA, kingbright, Einherjar25, hedgemonkey, Rocketjockey, ThorsHammer4, Bones, TheMexiBean, Woleigecao, Baloo1982cj, CyberDarkness, Garbad, Extream, RSH427R, BandofBrothers101, Megaminero, Karel17, tisman007, LUCKYPANZER, jeffbcx13, noiox8, gundam2010, jetstrm3652, Ranlak, Squirrelin, dragonlance999jb, Minoz, MOLAR, TlCK, Bryan_666, spookdaddy77, Infantryjoe, XxGranTxX, bjbit, jpkruger, jammy09, Dewaholic, cmcgillen, Wig95, iBlaspheme, Catatonick, Firenza, ymoe992, Lord_Commander, BauBau, Dariomb, Talad, Celes, On1zuka, BEER_BUGG, BigDaddy0519, alex3ff, heavyarmz190, Squeesher, JDB1984, MisterCoolone, warmturret, Col_Angus, JCsilk, xXImmortalXx

Final Results for VIII T-34-2


I place —  Mourneblade with 1,798 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 2,500

II place —  Punkhunter25 with 1,779 XP— Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  2,500

III place —  BaronIsh with 1,725 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 2,500

 These players earned at least 1,282 XP and will be rewarded with  2,500
rx7racer, Firenza, cmcgillen, SteamEngine, Striker_002, RodneyDangerfield, R_E_D, 59fifty, lDDQD, Agent_Smithx2, LelouchVBY, Razr12, Red36, tecartner, Millardthemk, dariano, flakegun, thyBane, KingBlueDevil, H57, R3V3NG3R, Vendettas, spikejk, RollinThunter, Bugle, MATT_DAMON, duvey, hugomaximus, LESTAT_SiK, meoryou, On1zuka, LegendEagle, s_H_Pz_Abt_503, mac99, Schweppes8, SHADE11ce, People_Republic_of_China, yoitisi, Tank_Killer26, MajorTomm4star, jump4jayjay, PhotoFinish, uhlan1914, BigWiser, beni9n, Ovid, BornToKiIl, AdmiralDrake, akizuki09, Monkey11, crigca, us_mc6, Snagglefox, snivel, Khagan, Architect505, Fallout1944, Rathgor, thandiflight, Extream, wind777, Raigir, heavyarmz190, tornade90, Fzerox, Doomkins, tannicmars, Patton_II, Canaduck, ZeSlayer, Maukka, olivedrab, LeeMongChuPao, zoltron_rulez, armoredrage, galshushu, cskiff, Michealqian, ojityama, miraclefull, ArabManTanks, pupetmaster, fixxjam, badr0ck_, IcemanCometh99, Lurper, ROK53thDivision, Sanity_X, 20_Vartarg, sainteye, Duende00, NyuuChan, ZEROSTATE, loseallday, eyoung383, northkoreaplayer, eli1621, Angreifen, Awakin

Final Results for VIII WZ-132


I place — noiox8 with 1,675 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 2,500

II place — URT_darkness with 1,665 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  2,500

III place — Praetor77 with 1,661 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 2,500

 These players earned at least 1,267 XP and will be rewarded with  2,500
lobos_tomy, Gyromancer, ValkyrieVewas, Ivec, Urik_Antares, JustinC, Yenny, Type_Z, Bloodwulfkilljoy, Prowling_Cactus, jreese, _SEKTOR_, Bobthewonder, marsh166, manlydangle, oakleaf, Ziadane, jaywang, SaVaGee, qwerrty221, jinjie2031, darai, BuckFace, BigWiser, Erwin1222, GD_Landser, NyuuChan, sand0has0rp, DA_PRO, Jejunum17, FidoTails, Guderian_QC, COG12345, Spitzer, DrUnK_PaNdA, dmcgill1, SuperCPI, AlvinZheng, scarz01, RoadBlockDriver, Mikail221, kukku, MakedonskY, jacg123, MZFK, Olai, Remilia, AbsoluteRoyal, bortan, Marumatu, Plohish, RumblingMaus, Dematerialize, sdwshow, Lieselotte, Chickens, SkmL, Spinnerson, tankduke1, sovietskysoyuz, Andisthefuture, llRPG7ll, _Wolf_Krieger_, cloudwalkr, metro1979, fche, pittythefool1, Oddzballz, Diamonstar91, difool, stevenxuyi, Barfuzz, VonHeinz, Cosmonaut_1, DDemon, Gr1zu, SamJax, IMonkeyI, Revant, Top_Shooter, Germanywillwin, Incarnadine28, BaronIsh, The_Tankoholic, powerscg, hutchy52, Molecule113, PhuleW, espionage92_RE, dadinjo, czhang706, PLA_ZTZ99, miketank12, SonOfHail, Hoochie_Mama, DeathWarmedOver, Rus777, Zakaladas

Final Results for VIII 110


I place — ArmouredCorps with 1,830 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 2,500

II place GeneralChowder with 1,732 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  2,500

II place — ironhidex with 1,732 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  2,500

III place — Dewaholic with 1,720 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 2,500

 These players earned at least 1,363 XP and will be rewarded with 2,500
doomathere, Chingy, Megaminero, tornade90, People_Republic_of_China, MaxL_1023, MUSCLETRUCKER, Incarnadine28, On1zuka, sailingupmnts0, DimaSpector, cleTus, Karel17, ti3403, GeneralHeinz, mustfa, Wooot, ixovera, LordLovat, Bryan_666, ThorsHammer4, 20_Vartarg, TokeNsmoke, Bugle, Zeven, POWMIA81, Elias777Miller, flakegun, watson1002, diegoduty25, DeathadderW, Zakaladas, Extream, sadeus, wowsdrawkcab, Darasta, ZEROSTATE, Badfish1060, Krutox, BaronIsh, _Foch_, spud1977, Steelchild, LUCKYPANZER, Hoccus, Firenza, rocketbrainsurgeon, armored_fist, Rocketjockey, HavNoMercy, noiox8, LeeMongChuPao, Hogan_, Rudkav1tch, BiBiLoo, vampire50, Communist1949, Softhands, CBARoughneck, North79, jpkruger, jetstrm3652, OmniJackal, Baloo1982cj, CYNWRIG, PlatedMegaFTW, Duck_Hook, Jack_0NeiIl, SaVaGee, Infantryjoe, CDN_Carl, DeadlyDays, callmesarge, manInUpstNy, Doomsday77, _Chukar_, camelryder, T_BACK, johnthewizard, Demian_Von_Alex, ParnellaReineChataignier, zensbeast, skylinekiller, DarkestLulz, GVJLIMA, Underlore, cwebber26, rafael615, FCsoldier, Brandx51, marshalmartin, alex3ff, arekpl21, yendor31, Mad_Karma, metro1979, TheMexiBean, Ivin

Final Results for IX WZ-120


I place — War_is_Hell with 1,652 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 5,000

II place — URT_darkness with 1,600 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  5,000

III place — skylinekiller with 1,547 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 5,000

 These players earned at least 1,191 XP and will be rewarded with 5,000
LelouchVBY, Snagglefox, Dematerialize, Brandx51, 603, Jeep71xj, Marumatu, Monkey11, Rocky_Ballsboa, Gunslingr, deepgift, Raigir, thyBane, SaVaGee, Extream, Firenza, flakegun, ciozcioz, marine_6, kingdeskguy, Src, ArmouredCorps, chfhddl, BaronIsh, Striker_002, darai, Maukka, BlackWolfs, Ivec, AlvinZheng, eddiemags, RollinThunter, ThaMonk3y, hitman_ma2, bortan, BushidoPhoto, Awakin, Shanky_McStabber, bashinit, Molecule113, RMBPlayer, 2manytanks12, MZFK, Erwin1222, MysteryINF, ZeSlayer, Mathierus, yume, skidoo670ssx, T_BACK, Taiwin_He, Kevint110e8, BornToKiIl, hutchy52, dadinjo, Vampire777, Schizy_Reborn, IcemanCometh99, Millardthemk, Zakaladas, 59fifty, rx7racer, __DJ__, RumblingMaus, KZ7, IAF_Kriegsmarine, cwebber26, seamaxx, GeneralHeinz, elrammstein, waddy, tannicmars, CaptainGrugg, baronvonwasteland, noiox8, jinjie2031, POWMIA81, fullspectr, Tigermud, Porphyrys, jreese, undead111, spcfrckylem, FidoTails, WOT1511, YoLinKin, cincin, sonogong, Bismarck_Bombardment, limu1986, PiperNavajo, scorp1975, Sparkitcus, Canaduck, Firestone440, RSH427R, Devilsbrigade, MegaSideArms

Final Results for IX WZ-111 model 1-4


I place — marshalmartin with 1,711 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 5,000

II place — GVJLIMA with 1,705 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  5,000

III place — tornade90 with 1,675 XP —Reward: One month Premium Account + 5,000

 These players earned at least 1,036 XP and will be rewarded with 5,000
lawlessninja, TokeNsmoke, 20_Vartarg, ArmouredCorps, Brandx51, ZEROSTATE, jpkruger, Marumatu, camelryder, Shytown, Badfish1060, Beanie, BaronIsh, cleTus, FCsoldier, _CanOpener, Jack_0NeiIl, PhotoFinish, Naked_Printer, Maukka, sailingupmnts0, metro1979, Extream, MaxL_1023, General_Huge, dominator350, Vladco, DarkestLulz, MesoTroniK, GeneralHeinz, reddog73, manInUpstNy, MR_HUGO, Herdir, ti3403, People_Republic_of_China, Chingy, Darasta, ThorsHammer4, Choppaman1, Tigermud, zhaocx01, T_BACK, CYNWRIG, _Foch_, GANDORFO, zensbeast, _Chukar_, vampire50, frankiebzinc, potato007, jonhird, war1dog, Infantryjoe, kctango, Zakaladas, Cineater, mustfa, Mac_Diesel, sheetzbalz, swindler, AirSAMA, Rocketjockey, Malrek, doomathere, Delta_Warrior, fragula, First_Ranger, Viking1, Pat_Qc, ktabari, Fearles_Fred, abukede, RathFuryX02, Zeven, POWMIA81, imaspytwo, 7nationArmy, Mikail221, noiox8, james442, johnthewizard, Communist1949, Rossome, RuzSkullen, sgtkilla, PrinceTankers, arnier, impsamurai, Harry_Howitzer, Demian_Von_Alex, DeathadderW, mtnman, dahdah325, callmesarge, dieharrdd, Werechihuahua, tim5x

Final Results for X 121


I place — coylter with 1,456 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ Garage Slot) + 5,000

II place — MarcQc with 1,422 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ Garage Slot) +  5,000

III place — Lieselotte with 1,390 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 5,000

 These players earned at least 1,036 XP and will be rewarded with 5,000
MZFK, wind777, Boomer_Ex, I_Love_Haters, ArticMonkeysQC, ZeSlayer, TKNF, Pritchel, imurdady, RedParadize, ChineseDriveBy, Jeep71xj, nrage23, Badshot1, SuperCPI, zhouxiao402, AdeptusArkainis, tornade90, Allusive, Brandx51, Corsica, BushidoPhoto, TheYellowHammer, Revant, oQoQo, Der_Weisse_Tiger, MAK0, lWhitMei, Millardthemk, Zazie, Canaduck, BaronIsh, tankslayer28, DMan, PaulFoley, Banish, Lord_Commander, Dravin, m5m5123, Callous, Maukka, DawnAnvil, The_Alaskan, ArmouredCorps, vipercobra69, 59fifty, Dematerialize, Flying_Cat, Ali_The_Persian_Dude, ParnellaReineChataignier, seamaxx, hammer91, Jagstorm, naoya, flakegun, sturmtiger380, B0NEZ, MATT_DAMON, Yenny, iGodsmacku, Dr_Strange69, Extream, WOT1511, Mr_Grampa, Patton_II, Vendettas, KZ7, Zeppelinisgod, Forged, Germany_Y, BaoBao_CN, rtrumps, uhlan1914, olivedrab, MesoTroniK, insanejecke, potato007, BEER_BUGG, Michealqian, tazzy69, ron4ron, Kaleef, MMCCRONE, Pandalicious, SonOfHail, Agent_Marshal, GWTypE, Schnickerlfritz, Martyr, gerfupelspat, biggreenthumb, MysteryINF, molnord, Spitzer, Strongtower, MoonSpider, live2ride, RecklessTanker, MINIE

Final Results for X 113


I place — Porphyrys with 1,351 XP — Reward: VIII Type 59 (+ garage slot) + 5,000

II place — Tribal_Lore with 1,246 XP — Reward: VII Type 62 (+ garage slot) +  5,000

III place — aubeagle24 with 1,232 XP — Reward: One month Premium Account + 5,000

  These players earned at least 653 XP and will be rewarded with 5,000
MesoTroniK, JustOneClip, Brandx51, Ius, anhtheky, qwerrty221, Extream, RED_VII, _CanOpener, People_Republic_of_China, Skyvengeance, BaronIsh, Duck_Hook, Maukka, RPbooming, _Chukar_, Jack_0NeiIl, potato007, __DJ__, LoveAttack, hammer91, Ghazi, 456123qoo, TokeNsmoke, PlatedMegaFTW, Mr_Grampa, Infantryjoe, GVJLIMA, impsamurai, GTiR, badone1977, jpkruger, ixovera, OT52, Zeven, Vladco, Hawkeye735, Yankee, doomathere, MetalChurch, ampbusa, EliteSwatTeam, Jamesjett, _SAVAGE1_, jonhird, markhd07, frankiebzinc, CzechMonster, SiliconCowboy, lingo7594, lokiwolfe, FIRST_SWORD_OF_BRAAVOS, Mac_Diesel, Aleister, tornade90, xxxvermouthxxx, RJC59, CBARoughneck, Strato, PDXDOCKSIDE, Dristal1, CommanderHobbs, ti3403, Badfish1060, BiggRatt, Naked_Printer, Badshot1, lorazapam, KOTS, endmosteagle7, RSH427R, GeneralHeinz, Shytown, crono0160, BiBiLoo, MajorTomm4star, swindler, RuzSkullen, Banzai_Madmunkey, fkx, kageflanx, Snowjet, Flashfury, Aggravan, Iron82, Delta_Warrior, Natural_Mystic, Cirusmaximus, HavNoMercy, Duderonomous, kevinbond, Grumpy_Vet, BigHawke, EvilTed, ventom, PWNstar007, vivi731

Please allow up to five business days for your rewards to be credited to your accounts.

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