Argentinian Independence Day

It was July 9, 1816 when Argentina earned its independence, preceded by a revolutionary war against Spanish forces. Manuel Belgrano and José San Martín were but two of the brave leaders recognized in the history books, as well as the strength and pride of the Argentinian people on the whole. For one day, we recognize Argentina's independence as part of Freedom to Play Month!

What is Freedom to Play?

Freedom to Play (FTP) rewards players with the never-before-seen FV201 (A45) Premium heavy tank! Accept the challenge and earn a ton of free Premium goodies along the way!

Starts Thursday, July 9, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends Friday, July 10, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET


Freedom to Play: Quad

Earn 3,750 XP in any number of battles. 

Large Repair Kit + 1 FTP Key*
  • 4 times per day
  • Random battles only
  • All vehicles

Pride of the Americas

Complete Freedom to Play: Quad a total of four (4) times.

x1 Argentinian Flag Emblem + Brazilian Flag Emblem
  • Once per account
  • Can be used on any one vehicle in your Garage

*Earning 45 FTP Keys unlocks the rental of the FV201 (A45). See the Freedom to Play article for more details.