[UPDATE] Arcade Cabinet: Try an Experimental Mode With Unusual Rules!


Imagine for a moment the battle characteristics of every vehicle in the game were changed beyond recognition. We're not just talking about Field Modification with some 3–5% fluctuation up or down—we’re talking about a truly impressive transformation!

For example, what if we doubled the Leopard 1's aiming speed? Or suddenly increased the proximity spotting distance of all vehicles in battle to 445 meters? What would it be like to play with a damage spread of +/–75% of the standard value?

Sound crazy? We know! This is your opportunity to try out something unusual and extraordinary—something that’s never been seen before in regular Random Battles.

Get ready to experience the classic game mechanics from a different perspective with no risk, no pressure, and no strings attached! Starting July 15, we’re launching Arcade Cabinet, a new experimental platform. Battles will take place according to the standard rules but with unusual battle modifiers that change the classic technical characteristics. There will be a total of three launches taking place over the course of several weeks, each with its own unique theme and gameplay.

Read on to find out more!


How to Find Arcade Cabinet

In the Garage, select the Arcade Cabinet mode from the menu to the right of the "Battle!" button. When hovering over the mode button, you'll see the combat modifiers that will be applied in battle. Check them out and prepare to be surprised!

Launch One: Railgun

July 15 at 07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET until July 17 at 21:59 PT | 23:59 CT | July 18 at 00:59 ET

The time has come to grab a railgun and show your opponents who's truly the boss as you battle it out in an exciting railgun match! The aiming time, gun dispersion, engine power, and other characteristics of your vehicles will be immediately improved by 50–100%. Even players who are new to the game may suddenly demonstrate impressive skills and Robin Hood-like accuracy!

Moreover, proximity spotting distance will increase to 445 meters. Your opponents will be in plain sight, meaning that all you'll have to do is track them down and cause accurate damage from afar! This is your opportunity to feel like a sniper.

Battle Modifiers

Gun dispersion at 100 m is reduced by 70%.
Multiplane Stabilizer
Gun dispersion during movement is decreased by 50%.
Hull Balancers
Gun dispersion on hull traverse is decreased by 50%.
Turret Balancers
Dispersion on turret traverse is decreased by 50%.
Robotic Gun Laying Drive
Aiming time is decreased by 50%.
Fuel Additives
Engine power is increased by 100%.
Clear as Day
Proximity spotting range is increased to 445 meters.

Launch Two: Element of Surprise

July 29 at 07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET until July 31 at 21:59 PT | 23:59 CT | August 1 at 00:59 ET

This is your chance to find out just how random our Random Battles can get and discover the power of the element of surprise! In this launch, expect plenty of jaw-dropping twists and turns. You may get lucky and destroy an IS-7 with Improved Hardening with a single shot, while someone else may cause pitifully low damage and crawl back to their Garage, hoping to be more fortunate next time. As World of Tanks players like to say, "Skill is skill, but RNG is RNG!"

Battle Modifiers

Glass Uranium Core
The damage spread is +⁠/⁠–75% of the standard value, and the probability of extreme values has increased.
Reload time has decreased by 25%.
Fuel Additives
Engine power has increased by 50%.

Note: Clan boosters are enabled for Launch Two.

Launch Three: Tranquility

Aug. 12 at 07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET until Aug. 14 at 21:59 PT | 23:59 CT | Aug. 15 at 00:59 ET

Once again, a total change in combat modifiers means a total change in gameplay! In the third launch, you'll immerse yourself in calm and peaceful tranquility. There’s no need to hurry, so take your time when loading shells, and treat non-penetrating shots as a worldly vanity. In a sense, this launch will feel like a return to "the good old WoT" of leisurely-paced gameplay and unhurried battles. Enjoy this little dash of nostalgia!

Battle Modifiers

Low Compression
Engine power has decreased by 30%.
Improper Arrangement
Reload time has increased by 20%.
Penetration has decreased by 20%.
Gear Corrosion
Turret traverse speed has decreased by 30%.

Standard Rules for All Launches

All launches in Arcade Cabinet will be played according to the standard rules of Random Battles:

  • Same-tier battles are in the 15v15 format.* Only Tier VIII and X vehicles are allowed.
  • Matchmaking is by vehicle type.
  • Objective: Capture the base or destroy all enemy vehicles.
  • Platoons are allowed.
  • Battle results in this mode do not count towards your statistics. You have nothing to prove, so just play and enjoy!
  • Credits and Combat XP earning rates, as well as the costs of repairs and consumables, are the same as in Random Battles.
  • Bonds and Battle Pass Points cannot be earned in this mode.
  • Combat missions for credits will be available in Tier X battles.
  • The principles of fair play should be followed in all battles.

Each of the Arcade Cabinet submodes will have separate queues for Tier VIII and X vehicles. If there is an insufficient number of players in the queue, the matchmaker may launch a battle with fewer participants.

Battles in the Arcade Cabinet submodes will be fought on the following maps:

  • Railgun
  • Element of Surprise
  • Tranquility






Siegfried Line





Live Oaks



Mountain Pass








Fisherman's Bay






Head to Arcade Cabinet to experience weekend battles with non-standard rules and a fresh perspective!