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Find Out What's Coming in April!

April is just around the corner, and we just couldn't contain our excitement! Not only does April have the Grand Finals, our most prestigious World of Tanks competition, it also marks five years of World of Tanks in the Americas! Join us in celebration with rewards, discounts, and brand-new tanks in the Premium Shop!

Details on each event will be published on the date specified.

On Track to the Maus

We're kicking off April with missions and discounts on the German heavy tank line leading up to the Maus

Turán III in the Premium Shop

All month, you can get your hands on the Turán III, a tier V Hungarian medium tank, making its debut on the battlefield by accurately landing penetrating shots to enemy vehicles before making a quick getaway.

Weekly Class Focus

Earn great rewards and learn the roles of each vehicle class throughout the month with our class-specific events.
Details: at the start of each event

M 41 90 in the Premium Shop

Also available is this year's Grand Finals tank "mascot," the leKpz M 41 90mm GF first-ever tier VIII Premium light tank! Plus, earn its skilled Crew with our missions!

Anniversary Rewards - Celebrating 5 Years!

Starting April 4, log into World of Tanks, win five battles and be rewarded for the number of years you've been playing! Rewards will range from Premium time to Personal Reserves, and even a rare Premium tank! Details

AMX 13 57 Grand Finals

Get the AMX 13 57 GF French light tank during the epic global Grand Finals taking place in Warsaw, Poland.

Anniversary Specials

We're taking our anniversary celebration to the next level with in-game discounts on all high-tier vehicles, Premium time and Free XP conversion. Plus, get x3 XP and x5 XP on your first wins throughout the entire week! 

On Track to the STB-1

Take a closer look at the Japanese tech tree with discounts and missions to give you an extra push towards the tier X STB-1Details