April Preview: Anniversaries & Easter Eggs

April 2021 is a milestone for World of Tanks: It's the game's 10th launch anniversary in the Americas! Naturally, a celebration is in order... We've also got Steel Hunter 2021: Stage 2 and "Weekend Brawl" matches (7 vs. 7, Tier X, no reward/special vehicles) lined up, along with refreshed month-long events, On Track Missions, and Premium Shop offers! This is by no means a definitive list of April events, so make sure and check back here for updates and surprises!


  • Mar. 11–June 30 (ongoing): Global Map
  • Mar. 12–Apr. 3 (ongoing): Master League Registration
  • Mar. 15–Jun. 15 (ongoing): Battle Pass
  • Mar. 18–Apr. 15 (ongoing): G.I. JOE: Duke Prime Gaming Bundle
  • Mar. 22–Apr. 12 (ongoing): Ranked Battles 2020-2021
  • April Month-long Events
  • April On Track Missions
  • April Premium Shop Offers
  • April Weekend XP & Specials
Mar. 11–June 30 (ongoing): Global Map

Season 16: Gauntlet

The Global Map is a vast battle arena for clans: Use strategic skills and combat tactics to earn fame and add Gold to your clan Treasury. Season 16 offers fantastic Emblems, Decals, Camouflage, Personal Reserves, and tons more!


Mar. 12–Apr. 3 (ongoing): Master League Registration

World of Tanks Simply NUC 15 v 15

Simply NUC sponsors the first-ever 15 v 15 Master League! Compete for monetary and in-game rewards in Tier X vehicles. Registration ends on April 3—check out the following link for complete details:

World of Tanks Simply NUC 15 v 15 Master League

Mar. 15–Jun. 15 (ongoing): Battle Pass

Season 4 is here!

In the updated new Season, you will not only be earning Battle Pass Points in Random Battles, but also in Ranked Battles and Steel Hunter, as well as by completing daily missions. You can earn three (3) unique progressive styles and special Tokens that can be exchanged for rare Tier IX vehicles. Meet familiar heroes, get introduced to a completely new character, and choose the useful in-game items you like the most!

Battle Pass: Season 4 Event Guide

Mar. 18–Apr. 15 (ongoing): G.I. JOE: Duke Prime Gaming Bundle

Yo, Joe!

Prime Gaming: The Big Catch

He's an icon to many generations and he’s heading for the World of Tanks battlefield… Featured in Prime Gaming's new special package, G.I. JOE: Duke is available as a multinational tank commander! The legendary hero comes with a unique medal and over 200 custom preset voice lines. And he’s sure battle ready thanks to his years of experience taking down the villainous forces of Cobra!

G.I. JOE: Duke Prime Gaming Bundle

Mar. 22–Apr. 12 (ongoing): Ranked Battles 2020-2021

Get your annual rewards in Season 3

The closing Season of Ranked Battles 2020–2021 is your last chance to prove your skills and grab your Annual Reward! Make the final push for Rank Tokens, and get your hands on the exclusive Concept 1B, brand-new Škoda T 45, and other valuable rewards!

Ranked Battles 2020-2021: Season 3

April Month-long Events

Tournament and Salute Missions

  • Apr. 1–May 1: Tournament MissionsEarn Personal Reserves for completing specific objectives during the month's Tournament matches!
  • Apr. 1–May 1: WoT Salute Mission. Earn Consumables by completing our month-long special daily mission for WoT Salute members
April On Track Missions

Add Tier X vehicles to your Garage!

Work up Tech Trees to earn Tier X vehicles! Our On Track missions overlap and each one lasts one month.


April Premium Shop Offers

Noteworthy offers

  • Apr. 1–May 1: 30 Days WoT Premium Account with free Großtraktor - Krupp
  • Apr. 1–5: April Camos ("All-season webbed," "such camo, much wow," and "Semper Feles!")
  • Apr. 1–8: Fort Knox, Care Package, and All-rounder currency bundles
  • Apr. 1–15: Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger + HWK 30 Duo 
  • Apr. 2–13: Object 244 + IS-2M Duo
  • Apr. 7–21: 50TP prototyp (with "Winged Hussar" style)
  • Apr. 8–15: Fort Knox, Supply Depot, and De-Light currency bundles
  • Apr. 8–May 8: WoT Salute Rookie Kickstart and Gold Drip bundles
  • Apr. 9–16: Somua SM
  • Apr. 12–30: Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque (with "1998 ZZ 10" style)
  • Apr. 15–22: Jackpot!, Boss Package, and Easy Going currency bundles
  • Apr. 16–30: Caernarvon Action X (with "Fear Naught" style) + Sherman VC Firefly Duo
  • Apr. 22–29: Fort Knox, Care Package, and All-rounder currency bundles
April Weekend XP & Specials

Bonus XP and special missions

  • Apr. 2–5: ×4 XP Easter Weekend Discounts and Missions 
  • Apr. 913: World of Tanks Anniversary Weekend Discounts and Missions
  • Apr. 1619: ×2 Crew XP Weekend and Missions
  • Apr. 23–26: ×3 XP Weekend and Missions
  • Apr. 30–May 3: ×2 Crew XP Weekend and Missions

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