Great American Tanks to Try

As we zero in on the American tech tree, here are some exciting American tanks to try at tier VI and VII. All of the following tanks are 30% off until April 10, and some of them even offer an extra prize when you beat Wargaming staff's score! More details here.

T29: Hull-Down Master and Heavy Tank at Tier VII

Its frontal turret armor is practically invincible, making it a real monster in a hull-down position, exposing only your turret when firing. The stock gun isn't exceptional against the enemies you'll be facing, so if you've already researched and bought the 90mm gun from the M6, you can immediately mount it on this bad boy. Then, once you've upgraded the suspension, load up the 105mm cannon, and send enemies cowering with their tails between their legs.

Warning! Your large size makes you a scrumptious target for enemy artillery.

"Easy 8" vs. Sherman Jumbo: Medium Mayhem at Tier VI

These two lovable medium tanks come right after the iconic M4 Sherman. Go for one or both, depending on your play style and what your end game is.

M4A3E8 SHerman "Easy 8"

M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo

The "Easy 8" or the M4A3E8 Sherman is more mobile than the Sherman Jumbo. Go for this one if you plan on switching to the TD line, or if you want to stick to more traditional medium tanks. The Sherman Jumbo has quite a bit more armor than the Easy 8 and plays quite a lot like a heavy tank. Stay on this line if you want to move onto bigger tanks, like the T29 or if you just prefer a little more umpf.

Bulldog vs. T71: Light and Fiery at Tier VII

These two light tanks both end up going to the same tier X heavy tank, so choose which route to take by looking at the journey.

M41 Walker Bulldog


The M41 Walker Bulldog can deal a great burst of damage with its autoloading cannon, and is more mobile than the T71. Stick to this line if you want to see some of the highest-tier light tanks before swapping to the tier IX medium tank and tier X heavy. T71 may not have the same mobility as the Bulldog, but its small profile makes hiding behind even the tiniest rock possible. Take on the role of passive scout and be the eyes for your team. Go for this line if you want to switch to medium tanks sooner on your way up to the tier X heavy.

Hellcat vs. Jackson: Turreted TDs at Tier VI

These two tank destroyers pack a lot of punch, and they're both blessed with a turret -- something many TDs don't have. The end game for these two are different tier X TDs, so you'll need to choose which depending on your goals.

M18 Hellcat

M36 Jackson

The Hellcat, like its name suggests, can cause real havoc on the battlefield with its fierce weapon. It provides better concealment, and it's more mobile than the Jackson, perfect for someone who wants to give a good sneak attack and reposition with ease. Choose this branch if you like sticking to turreted TDs all the way up to tier X. The Jackson also packs a punch, but can take more of it in return, unlike the Hellcat. It may not move as easily, but that's because you don't need to scurry and hide with as much urgency. Although the Jackson has a turret, many of the TDs that follow it in the same branch do not. Choose this TD line if you don't feel the need for a turret.


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