Amazing Premium Shells Special! UPDATE

World of Tanks celebrates the 67th anniversary of D-Day and launches a new action: starting May 23 and until the day of the landing in Normandy, June 6th, all WoT users have a great opportunity to buy all Premium shells at 50% discount (if the shell costs no less than 2 gold)!

We remind you that Armor Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR) Shells have the highest penetration value and can be used on almost all tanks in the game.

High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) Shells can be used on most SPG-class and tank howitzer guns and they carry a higher penetration value than HE.

And Premium High Explosive (HE) Shells can be used in some SPG guns and have a larger splash-damage radius than regular HE shells.

UPD. June 6. The action will end after regular server restart on June 8th.

Use this chance to win more and score more!