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Alienware Contests and Giveaways

Alienware, one of the sponsors of the Grand Finals, is running a new partnership initiative with World of Tanks, which consists of some interesting contests and giveaways!  There are some very desirable prizes waiting for the winners, including the Alienware X51 gaming rig, so don’t hesitate to register, if you haven’t already!

If you have missed the information posted on Twitter and Facebook, here’s a handy summary of what’s going on:

Best World of Tanks In-Game Action Shot Image Contest

The rules are pretty simple – browse your World of Tanks screenshot collection, pick the most epic, action-packed screenshot you have taken and send it over!

You have until April 6 to submit your most impressive shot, so don’t hesitate and register today!

Go to the contest page

The World of Tanks Scavenger Hunt

Are you a die-hard fan of World of Tanks? In that case this will be a piece of cake for you! Just answer a couple of questions about the game and wait for the results to be announced!

You can submit your answers until April 6.

World of Tanks Scavenger Hunt


The giveaway will be launched on April 4 and will last until April 6, so make a note on your calendar and don’t forget to visit the giveaway section on the Alienware website!

Alienware Website

Good luck!