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Additional Changes in the 8.5 Update


Because there were so many changes that came about in the 8.5 Update, there are some details that didn't get as much attention as we would have liked. In the effort of transparency, here's some of the additional changes that were introduced into World of Tanks in the 8.5 Update.

XP Reset

Previously, the daily reset for victory bonuses and limits on purchases was 17:00 PDT (20:00 EDT). With the launch of the 8.5 Update, this time has changed to 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT). This change was made based on customer feedback so that more people would have a better chance to play through all of their first victories of the day.

Name Changes

Many tanks (primarily German vehicles) have had their names adjusted to more accurately reflect their historical designations.

New German Progression

There have been some changes in the progression branches for the German tech tree. Most notable, as you can see in the tree, is that the VK 30.02 no longer connects with the Tiger and Panther.

New Battle UI Feature

You may have noticed that across the top of the screen now lets you see the type of vehicles remaining on the battlefield. While this information is available as well along the sides of the screen, we felt it appropriate to make sure you have as much intel as possible when engaged in your battles.