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Account Security: Beware of Account Sales!

Account Security section of the official website of World of Tanks was expanded introducing the new article devoted to account selling, which is prohibited and heavily punished within World of Tanks. The article explains why account sales are risky and why a player, involved into such a fraudulent procedure, will face financial losses and account punishments.

The main objectives of the article postulate that account selling is against EULA and in-game rules, which leads to account banning. Secondly, the financial transaction for the mentioned account will not be refunded. And lastly, a swindler can obtain access to the specified account at any moment by claiming that he is the original owner of the account and that his account was simply hacked.

"We remind you that no account sellers will ever try to sell something cheaper just of pure altruism. All account selling schemes and techniques are created for getting maximal profit, regardless any losses it may cause to a player. Following certain rules and general awareness will help you avoid unpleasant situations within World of Tanks."

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