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AAR: Battle of Novyy Manych

AAR: Historical Battle

I decided to attend the Historical battle on December 17th and see what all the excitement was about. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to spice up their World of Tanks experience.

I logged on to the Teamspeak server dedicated to the battle and double checked the forum thread to make sure I had an appropriate tank for the battle. I didn’t sign up ahead of time so I didn’t know if I was going to be able to play, but all the guys were nice and there were a few extra spots open.

I joined my fellow comrades in a SU-85 (with 122m HE cannon) to fight for the motherland and push back the fascist hordes. Tanks allowed in the battle were: Russian T-34, SU-85 (122mm) and SU-76. The Germans had Tigers, Panzer IIIs, and StuG IIIs.  There was a certain ratio of tanks that each side had to try to keep a historical balance.

The field of battle for the day was Komarin, and the match was set best three out of five. The historical battles are interesting as they use the Training Battle option in the game and the first five minutes are used to talk tactics. There is also no base capture.

Each game had the Germans starting in the north and the Russians in the south.

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