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“You ask, We reply” #9

“You ask, We reply” #9

Any chance we can get any details on the server cluster update that happened recently?

Yes, it was actually moved to Washington DC, and we changed the main partner. This will give us a more stable server and better ping for the majority of players.

If you do change the design of the in game T110, will this further delay 7.2, or would you release 7.2 and then change the model later?

We could replace the model at a later date—depending on how much work it takes to accomplish; however, the T110 will be in 7.2 and will not hold up the release.

So we get to try out the WZ-111 on the coming test server? Does this include the Type 62 as well?

These will be Chinese server exclusive tanks.  They may be available in the test server but will not be released on the RU, EU, or NA servers.

Like everyone, I have experienced being hit while hidden behind 'indestructible' objects.

We have no evidence of such a bug. You may either be suffering from lag issues, packet loss, or your tank was partly seen even behind the 'indestructible' object (exposed parts of your suspension or turret, the gap between 2 closely standing stones, etc…), or you took high explosive damage from a round that landed close by.

Would that also mean the T34 will not be available in the shop when the 7.2 patch hits?

It will most likely not be for sale in 7.2; however, special offers in the store are a possibility for the future.

When will we have the ability to talk to talk to our platoon mates with the in game voice chat?

With Chat 2.0, this will be released in Q2 2012. It will also include a lot more features.

Are you guys looking at authenticators as an extra level of security that can be added to an account?

Yes, we are exploring additional account security measures, including authenticators.

Can we have this thread redirect to the EU Q&A? As the EU Wiki thread redirects to the NA one.

We have decided to go in a different direction. Vallter will continue to answer your questions as normal; however, I will pull some of the best or most intriguing questions and expand on those; getting some additional information in some cases. These will be compiled and released in our YAWR articles. This will delay the answers to some of the questions, but in turn you will get expanded and more definitive answers. Also, players that only read the main news articles, and do not follow this forum, will get more information on the hottest topics.

After the rebalancing (or to some people, “nerfing”) of HE ammunition, the VK2801 appears rather lackluster compared to the other two T5 Scout Lights due to its primary feature being the 105 gun, which is almost always used to shoot HE. Is there a chance for the 2801 to be reexamined, either for an attribute change to compensate for the less effective weaponry, or the possibility of it receiving another potential gun, such as the 7.5cm/L70?

Currently only T-50-2 has shown that it is better than the other scouts. In a few areas it is much better than the other Tier 5 lights. It will be either slightly reduced in effectiveness or replaced.

Secondly, we are planning to slightly increase the damage HE shells deal, which will compensate the HE mechanics changes impact on the gameplay. The number that is being played with at this moment is 20%, but it is subject to change during testing.

This may sound odd but why haven’t we been asked for our system information the way you have on RU? Or is that coming soon?

Normally RU side players have lower end PCs than the US players. So if we optimize the work for worst cases, the rest will receive a bonus in optional graphics settings.