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Razer Contest: Who Will Win the League Grand Finals?

The League Grand Finals are just around the corner! In only a few short days, the world's best Tanks teams will clash in a final confrontation destined to determine the uncontested champion! Are you an avid eSports fanatic rooting for a particular team? If so, then you'd better not miss the Grand Finals livestream to see if your team wins!

Before the action begins, we invite you to participate in a special contest with Razer to predict the winner of the Grand Finals. Are you confident in your team’s hunger for victory? Then don't wait -- go to the Razer website and select the team you think will win – if they do, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win some branded World of Tanks computer gear from Razer! Now, that’s what we call sharing the victory with your team!

Also, any Razer Comms user can redeem one Bonus Code and one Invite Code to share with a friend, free!

How awesome is that? Very.

Visit the Razer Website