Is the Lorraine 40 t Right For You?

Buying a Premium vehicle in World of Tanks is like buying an automobile: You need to see if the features are worth your hard-earned money. The Lorraine 40 t French medium tank is a redoubtable all-around brawler, albeit with a few notable drawbacks. Unknown0ne of Wargaming League North America has the details!

The Good

  • ~1,200 damage per a clip (~300 a shot) delivered in 7.5 seconds
  • Great standard penetration
  • Great acceleration and top speed
  • Good concealment
  • Good gun depression (-8 degrees)

The Bad

  • Below average hull and turret traverse for a medium tank
  • Mediocre accuracy
  • Poor view range

The Ugly

  • Large profile, low hit points, and poor armor make it extremely vulnerable

Reasons to Buy

  • You like the unique Concealment for this tank (one for each season)
  • You want a French medium crew trainer (three crew members)
  • You miss your tier IX Lorraine 40 t

Reasons Not to Buy

Play Style

The VIII Lorraine 40 t  is primarily a skirmish support tank, well suited for helping better-armored teammates with its burst damage and decent speed to quickly retreat to reload. It can also skirmish unsupported by ambushing enemies using its camouflage, quickly shooting several rounds, and then slipping away and hiding.

Due to its clip capacity, the Lorraine 40 t can win a head-on engagement with a single opponent should it need to—provided it can destroy the enemy in one clip.

If it comes under fire, the Lorraine 40 t’s large profile, low hit points, and lack of effective armor can result in its quick destruction. Avoid direct engagements and try to strike an enemy that cannot retaliate.


I recommend improving the tank’s Gun Handling, Concealment, and View Range. The first reduces the amount of time you are to enemy fire while shooting; the latter two help you spot the enemy first.



I recommend a Vertical Stabilizer and Coated Optics for the first two slots. For the third, lacking the option for a Gun Rammer, I would go with Improved Ventilation. A Gun Laying Drive is an alternative, but in my view, the slight to aim time increase is not worth the loss of Concealment, View Range, Accuracy, and Clip Reload that Improved Ventilation provides.


The standard Repair Kit, First Aid Kit, and Fire Extinguisher trio works fine for this tank. Rations (in place of a First Aid Kit or Fire Extinguisher) is optimal for the increased clip reload, but the ~1.5 second improvement is not worth the additional credit cost.

Crew Skills & Perks

I recommend “Concealment,” “Situational Awareness,” and “Recon” to improve the likelihood of spotting the enemy first, along with “Snap Shot” and “Smooth Ride” for improved gun handling, and “Sixth Sense” so you know when to hide. After training these skills, I recommend “Brothers in Arms” for general adjustments.