Is the M4A3E8 Thunderbolt Right for You?

The VI M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII   has all the makings of a well-rounded heavy hitter (it was once under the command of the famed tank commander Lieutenant Colonel Creighton Abrams). How does this Premium vehicle actually perform in combat? WGLNA’s Unknown0ne gives his thoughts!

The Good

  • Strong frontal armor offers decent protection
  • Decent mobility given its armor
  • Good view range and gun depression
  • Decent gun handling

The Bad

  • Poor penetration
  • Below average accuracy
  • Low average damage per shot

The Ugly

  • Trades mobility for armor which, while effective at times, isn’t reliable against most opponents

Reasons to Buy

  • You want a historical Premium tank
  • You’re looking for an American medium crew trainer

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You want a tank with more mobility (try the  VI Cromwell B  )
  • You’re looking for a tank that hits harder (try the VI SU-100Y   )

Play Style

The Thunderbolt fulfills the role of a heavy or medium tank, though it excels at neither. It lacks the reliable armor (due to numerous weak points) and hard-hitting gun of a heavy tank, and the mobility of a medium tank.

These downsides make it difficult for the Thunderbolt to win a head-to-head engagement. Make the most of the tank’s flexible nature: Where a heavy tank might have to fight head-on due to lack of mobility, or a medium tank forced to forgo an attack due to a lack of armor, the Thunderbolt has feasible alternatives to fight or flight.

The Thunderbolt is good at supporting its team rather than shoehorned into a specific role.


I recommend improving the tank’s damage per minute, gun handling, and view range. The first two improve the tank’s ability to deal damage, while the third makes the most of its excellent view range.


 Vertical Stabilizer  Gun Rammer  Coated Optics or Improved Ventilation
 A “Vertical Stabilizer,” “Tank Gun-Rammer,” and “Coated Optics” are great choices. Though, if you prefer improved close-quarters performance over general flexibility, swap out “Coated Optics” in favor of “Improved Ventilation.”


Fire Extinguisher

Repair Kit 

 First Aid Kit

 The standard “Fire Extinguisher,” “Repair Kit,” and “First Aid Kit” work well for this tank.


Repairs Snap Shot Sixth Sense Brothers in Arms Recon Situational Awareness

I recommend “Repairs” for its general usefulness, “Snap Shot” and “Smooth Ride” for improved gun handling, and “Sixth Sense.” For a focus on close quarters, “Brthers in Arms” is good for the improved damage per minute; otherwise “Recon” and “Situational Awareness” are helpful for the additional view range.