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Update 9.1 is Here!

In accordance with the Update, the Clan Wars Global Map will be down for maintenance from June 17, 00:15 PDT (03:15 EDT) to June 18, 00:15 PDT (03:15 EDT).


Update 9.1 brings some new content as well as fixes and minor vehicle balancing. Below you will find a handy summary of the additions and changes:

New Map: Kharkov

This huge Eastern European map will definitely appeal to many of you. It brings a diverse urban landscape with both narrow streets and passages, as well as vast squares and big intersections. It's a winter map where the heat is on!

Marks of Excellence

This update brings Marks of Excellence to World of Tanks, on every nation's tanks. These marks serve as indicators of battle prowess. Marks of Excellence are different for each nation and are determined by the average damage and assist damage the player deals on a vehicle.

New Historical Battle

The Historical Battles mode will receive a new scenario: Siege of Tobruk (North Africa 1942) and Bryansk Front. These will replace the Battle of Kursk, Operation Spring Awakening and the Battle of the Bulge.

New Achievements -- Artillery & Team Battles

You will now be able to earn five extra achievements for prowess with artillery in combat:

  • Rock Solid
  • Counter-Battery Fire
  • Gore's Medal
  • Cold-Blooded
  • Stark's Medal

There also additional achievements for Team Battles. These include:

  • Fire and Steel
  • Heavy Fire
  • Pyromaniac
  • Promising Fighter
  • No Man's Land

New Matchmaking for Light Tanks Tiers IV-VII

Starting from this update, certain light tanks will have their upper limit reduced in terms of battle range. This means that from now on, your scouts will be generally participating in lower-tier matches than prior to Update 9.1.

Update 9.1 is available now! The game will update automatically when you launch the client.

Full update details on our Release Notes page.