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Update 9.9 Overview

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Are you ready for the next update to World of Tanks? You might say this one is dressed to the nines -- Update 9.9 adds new Domination variants, and a trunk full of visual enhancements. Here's the rundown!

Domination Derivations

Our special game mode event, Domination, shook things up in June. The flag-capturing, tank-respawning action made for a fun new event that we knew couldn't be limited to just one ruleset. To spice things up, we're planning more Domination events with new variations on the mode:

Steel Hunt: How you jump in determines your role! Solo players face multi-member Platoons, or play Platoon-versus-Platoon or a 12-solo-player smash-up! Combat reserves are also available, rewarding good play with long-distance airstrikes or artillery strikes you can summon at the press of a key!

New Graphics Options

We've improved our overall 3D rendering for greater performance, and specifically improved a number of different visual effects in the game for added realism.

  • A new full screen anti-aliasing method: Temporal Anti-Aliasing
  • Improved the lighting model (BRDF) so that metals and matte surfaces look more realistic
  • Reworked shadow rendering, including adding soft shadows
  • Added shadows from grass
  • Improved post-effects like bloom, god rays, and lens flare. In particular, bloom is stabilized and won't flicker anymore when moving the camera
  • Improved the quality and performance of horizon-based ambient occlusion (HBAO) and screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO)

Changes on "Swamp" Map

A well-traveled map is getting some renovations. It was decided to move capture points and respawn points to the northwest and southeast parts of the map. This changes the gameplay approach from "circular" (when teams attack in one direction, and at the same time defend another) to "counter" (both teams hold attacks in all directions).

Major changes are also applied to the central part of the map in order to increase activity in the aforementioned parts. Flanks were reworked as well: in the western part of the map, a town was moved, and in the east, a number of landscape changes.

Interactive Panorama

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Clan Wars Changes

Clan Wars will see significant changes in battle stats on the Global Map -- you will soon be able to review separate battles on the Global Map that won't be mixed in with random battles.

In doing this, battles on the Global Map won't be counted in the overall account stats with random battles and tank companies. The game will add a separate stats tab for battles on Global Map, as with other modes.

All battles on the Global Map after 9.9 will be considered in the new tab, and all battles that were carried out on the Global Map before 9.9 will be moved to the new tab, with some provisions:

  • Battles in IX and tier X vehicles will be stored in the tier X section
  • Battles in tier VII and VIII vehicles will be stored in the tier VIII section
  • Battles in tier VI and lower will be stored in the tier VI section
  • These before-update battles will also not be removed from the general stats in order to avoid discrepancies in player profiles

Battles before 9.9 constitute those since May 2012. Battles played before this time won't be moved to the new tabs. Data migration will take several days, during which some players' stats may be displayed incorrectly.

Strongholds: In addition, Strongholds will receive Skirmish "curfews," where creating and playing in Skirmishes will be unavailable for a few hours every day (10:00-13:00 UTC for NA).


Update Notes

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