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Time once again for big bushel of content in World of Tanks Update 9.7! New tanks, a bold new map, and a new twist on a fun mode are the highlights for this season's update goodness. Let's take a look!

New Tanks

The French tech tree gets a shot in the proverbial arm with a selection of seven new light and medium tanks:

  • FCM 36 (tier II light)
  • Renault R35 (tier II light)
  • Somua S35 (tier III medium)
  • SARL 42 (tier IV medium)
  • Renault G1 (tier V medium)
  • AMX 30 1st prototype (tier IX medium)
  • AMX 30 B (tier X medium)

 These European meanies have their own unique strengths, and add some welcome variety to the French line in general. Make your way towards them soon!

AMX 30 B


Renault R35

Somua S35

→ Read up on these tanks' roles in history!

In the Premium Shop, players also get a chance to buy the T-54 first prototype medium tank (USSR tier VIII)!

Team Battle Revamp

The 7v7 Team Battle mode is getting serious with the addition of permanent teams -- not quite the same as Clans, but similarly formed for groups of players who want to dominate in a new way. Teams can now also prove themselves on a global leaderboard with a ladder system of leagues and divisions, and earn new achievements for their mastery!

→ Read how the new Team Battles are set up!

Overlord Map

9.7 also introduces Overlord, a brand-new map based on the Invasion of Normandy of 1944. A mix of beach and grassland make up this interesting new battlescape.

→ Read how Overlord compares to its real-life counterpart.

Update Notes

Full details of every little twist and tweak in this Update can be found by clicking this button:

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