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9.5 Public Test

Update 2: The third iteration of the Public Test is now live! See what's been adjusted in the Notes section.


By taking part in the Public Test, you can try out new features in World of Tanks before they're finalized, and help us gather data and feedback in the days leading up to the final update release!

All World of Tanks players are eligible to take part in the Public Test as long as they registered before November 20. You don't need to be an experienced tester to join in, you just need to be willing to try out as many of the new features as you can, test out new vehicles and send us your feedback!

Main Features

  • Personal Missions feature
  • New British vehicle branch
  • New Maps: Mittengard, Ghost Town, Winterberg

And more! For the full list of changes, please see the Notes section below.

Any new or changed content for the Public Test should be considered not final and subject to change upon final update release. We strongly encourage you to send us your feedback and opinions via the Forum. 

How the Public Test Works

To participate in the test, you need to take the following steps:

  • Install a small client file found here
  • Update World of Tanks via the launcher (total download 8.2 GB)
  • If you have already installed the Public Test ("Common Test"/"CT") game client, the launcher will update to the new version automatically

Be sure to install the Test launcher in a different folder from the current game client version. Also, close all game clients before installing the update.

Please keep in mind certain features of the Public Test server:

  • Payments are not accepted on the server
  • All test accounts will receive a one-time payment of:
    • 100,000,000 XP
    • 100,000,000
    • 20,000
  • Progress won't be transferred to the main NA server
  • Credits and Experience rates will not be increased for this test

Public Test Notes

These update notes are preliminary and do not contain full details of some vehicle characteristic changes. The detailed list of these changes will be provided in the final patch notes upon release.


Iteration 3 (Dec. 15)

  • Fixed some text in the Personal Mission interface
  • Fixed issues with visual models for FV4005, Sherman Firefly
  • Fixed camo issues for the following vehicles: Т-34-85M, Т-54 ltwt. Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H, T-34, STA-2, M3 Lee
  • Increased brightness of enemy vehicle names on the minimap
  • Fixed some minor interface issues

Iteration 2 (Dec. 11)

Important Additions

  • Fixed many gameplay and interface issues in personal missions
  • Conditions of most of the personal missions adjusted


  • Parameters adjusted for the following new Update 9.5 vehicles: M2, Stuart I, Grant I, Sherman III, Archer, Sherman Firefly, Achilles IIC, Challenger/Avenger, Charioteer, FV4004 Conway, FV4005 Stage 2
  • Some parameters of the T-55 NVA DDR tank adjusted
  • Some issues with visual models fixed for the following vehicles: IS-7, M2, Achilles IIC, Sherman III, Challenger/Avenger, Panther mit 8,8cm L/71, T-55 NVA DDR, T95E2, Stuart I
  • Some issues with damage models fixed for the following vehicles: Maus, T28 concept, SU-14, FV4005 Stage 2, Challenger/Avenger, T95E2
  • Issues with camouflage fixed for the following vehicles: Churchill I, Panther mit 8,8cm L/71, Sherman Firefly
  • Fixed color of the Achilles IIC tank destroyer icon
  • Damage of the Chinese 122mm Sha-bao-471 HE shell increased from 465 to 530


  • Fixed issues with the new maps Mittengard, Ghost Town, and Winterberg
  • Fixed some gameplay and visual issues on the Stalingrad map
  • Performance on the maps Ghost Town and Mittengard improved
  • Consumption of memory on the Windstorm map reduced
  • Fixed issues with the visual and damage models of some environmental objects


  • All four operations in personal missions unlocked and available for testing. However, at the release of version 9.5 these operations will be unlocked sequentially


  • Fixed issue with the message that the player has no personal missions started appearing upon pressing Tab key in battle
  • Fixed issues with autosearch in the Team Battle mode
  • Some interface issues in the Stronghold mode
  • Fixed display of expanded minimap features when using the "Upon pressing Alt" option
  • Fixed issue with the SPG sector of fire displayed on the minimap even when that option is disabled
  • Fixed issue with the constantly appearing settings for the SPG sector of fire and camera direction beam on the minimap
  • Sharpness of the captions on the minimap increased
  • Display of messages in the battle chat after rejoining the battle


  • Fixed some hang-ups and crashes of the game client
  • Reworked some effects of shells hitting the vehicle reworked
  • Fixed issues with vehicle freezes at the end of the battle
  • Fixed display of the battle interface in the Garage
  • Fixed issues with performance decrease when scrolling the list of missions on the personal missions screen
  • Performance on some PC configurations increased
  • Fixed issue with the inability to destroy objects with APCR and HEAT shells

New Content

  • Personal missions now available
    • Personal missions are a new type of mission. Upon completion, players will receive various rewards including unique high-tier vehicles. The main difference from regular missions is that they are not time-limited, and players will be able to pick missions to complete at will.
  • New branch of British tanks and tank destroyers:
    • M2 (tier II light tank)
    • Stuart I (tier III light tank)
    • Grant I (tier IV medium tank)
    • Sherman III (tier V medium tank)
    • Archer (tier V tank destroyer)
    • Sherman Firefly (tier VI medium tank)
    • Achilles IIC (tier VI tank destroyer)
    • Challenger/Avenger (tier VII tank destroyer)
    • Charioteer (tier VIII tank destroyer)
    • FV4004 Conway (tier IX tank destroyer)
    • FV4005 Stage 2 (tier X tank destroyer)
  • New maps: Mittengard (for lower battle levels), Ghost Town (for Team Battles), Winter Ruinberg
  • Vehicles only for supertest players:
    • AMX Chasseur de char (46) (tier VIII French medium tank)
    • AMX 13-57 (tier VII French light tank)
    • ST-A2 (tier VIII Japanese medium tank)
    • ISU-130 (tier VIII U.S.S.R. tank destroyer)


  • Severogorsk and Ruinberg on Fire maps removed
  • Some surface features fixed for the following maps: Fisherman's Bay, Mountain Pass, Windstorm
  • Fixed some gameplay issues on Stalingrad
  • Fixed issue with the ability to drive outside the boundaries of the Windstorm and Mountain Pass maps
  • Fixed some visual issues on Windstorm
  • Fixed issues with the visual and damage models of some environmental objects

Changes to Vehicle Characteristics

  • FV215b (183) tank destroyer rebalanced: Armor protection of the rotating superstructure increased, traverse speed and crossing capacity decreased


  • Players will receive additional XP for damage caused to vehicles spotted by them, if the spotted vehicle is of higher tier than the player's vehicles (+10% for each tier of difference between the vehicles), but not more than 30%
  • Functionality of the minimap expanded. Added a view vector, sector of fire (artillery only), display of vehicle names, display of point where vehicle was last spotted
  • Warning for inaction in battle will now be issued only after three violations in a row (previously, the fine was imposed on the player immediately). Now the fine for inaction in battle will be imposed on the player only after the fourth violation


  • Fixed issues with visual models fixed for the following vehicles: Maus, JagdPanther (gun sizes fixed), M4A3E8 Fury, KV-1S, Centurion Mk. 7/1
  • Fixed issues with damage model fixed for the SU-14
  • Fixed brightness and color of tracks of some HD vehicle models
  • Fixed display of Emblems and Inscriptions on some vehicles
  • Fixed flickering of foliage in the sniper view mode
  • Fixed display of high-detail shadows of some objects on the low shadow quality preset
  • Fixed issue with a vehicle's own shadow not present in the sniper view mode
  • Fixed display of vehicle tracks when switching between the allied vehicles in the Postmortem mode
  • Fixed issue with multiple splashes appearing when a shell hits the water at an angle
  • Fixed flickering of vehicle markers on the minimap


  • "End of reload" sound volume increased


  • Fixed some issues with interface and gameplay in Strongholds
  • Interface of the Special Battle window improved
  • Interface of the recurring awarding of the Mastery Badge changed
  • Improved display of Camouflage on vehicles when using the Improved Graphics preset
  • Effects of shells hitting the vehicle reworked
  • Condition text for the Arsonist, Demolition Expert, and Kamikaze awards changed
  • The Racer 2014 medal moved to the Special category
  • List of hints on the battle loading screen expanded
  • Fixed some minor issues with interface and text of several messages

Other Bugfixes and Changes

  • Reduced game client memory consumption
  • System of game sound loading changed to reduce the number of in-battle freezes
  • Streaming of music and ambient sounds from the hard disk at zero volume level disabled
  • Fixed some client hang-ups and crashes
  • Fixed freezes when displaying some special effects
  • Fixed issue with the capturing of screenshots in Windows upon pressing Print Screen or Alt+Print Screen with minimized WoT client
  • Unloading worldoftanks.exe from system processes after the client is closed
  • Calculation of the number of hits of external modules (tracks and the gun) in the post-battle statistics
  • Fixed issue with vehicles not receiving the Elite status with all researched
  • Fixed issue with the vehicle model falling through the Garage floor
  • Fixed issue with the Platoon chat turning off upon disabling the battle chat in the Random Battle mode
  • Fixed issues with the Confederate medal not being awarded if the player only damaged the tracks of enemy vehicles
  • Fixed rare issue with the camera displacing to zero coordinates when switching between the allied vehicles in the Postmortem mode
  • Fixed issues with depression angle restrictions of critically damaged guns not working
  • Fixed issue with the inability to return a crew in the vehicle, if the crew members who had previously been sent to the Barracks filled the Barracks to capacity
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