Urban Crusher: Meet the Object 705A

Few top-tier vehicles among the Soviet lineup feel all that different to play in the big picture. Update 9.22 will fix that with a heavy-armored close-range fighter, which can bring more versatility to a rather traditional tank design school.

The Object 705A that entered Supertest last December is set to crown the upcoming alternative line of Soviet heavy tanks, starting with the IS-M at Tier VIII and reaching the Object 705 at Tier IX. The most authentic point about the trio is their rear-mounted turrets, which define their core playstyle.

The all-time classic, IS, will become the foundation for the upcoming branch, so you can start hoarding the needed experience to explore the three newcomers.

Breeding Offspring

Now back to the 705A. Finding proper analogues to this model would be a problem, but if you really want a relatively fair comparison, think of an IS-7 crossed with a Panzerkampfwagen VII.

You can easily tell that the 705A belongs to the Soviet line, just by looking at its shape. The hull somewhat resembles the IS-4, but, again, the feature to look at is the turret.

A tank this big must hide some impressive figures. Let’s take a closer look at what the Object has got.

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This is one of the most distinguishable characteristics of the Object 705A. The 152mm gun is truly intimidating, compared to other barrels among heavy tanks, and will allow you to hold your opponents in awe thanks to the 650 alpha. But only at short and medium distances (up to 250 meters). Remember this is a Soviet tank, and the gun’s accuracy will significantly reduce your hit chance from 300 meters or above.

ProTip: Come closer, aim true.

View Range

If you own the 705A, be prepared to reveal your position before you notice an enemy. The tank is too far from being considered a sharpshooter, so the mediocre 390 meters of view range is all it’s got. If you decide to snipe, think of your teammates waiting for your help at the frontline.

ProTip: Don’t waste your time in the bushes.


The tank’s defense is especially effective in head-on encounters. The Object 705A can withstand the majority of shells hitting its upper plate with its 350mm of effective armor. Not to mention the turret, which starts from 330mm and reaches the crazy heights of 580mm. If you've been flanked, there are side skirt plates that can absorb incoming damage, but there’s also a part of the armor that’s only 100mm thick and has to be considered.

Your lower plate won’t be your best friend, either, as it’s only 244mm; almost bare minimum to survive at Tier X. Hiding it behind an obstacle will be the best of options, but if you’re completely exposed, try to angle your tank in a way that both helps you avoid penetration from the front and doesn’t reveal the thin line of your side armor.

ProTip: Focus on heavies, mind mediums, avoid TDs.


The tank’s weight (around 100 tons) forgoes outstanding dynamics, as the Object can accelerate up to 40 km/h. In a massive drag race of tier-X heavies, it will come somewhere in the middle, and this is quite a reflection of the tanks’s dynamics in combat. With this max speed and 15 horsepower per ton, you can both reach a strategic point on a map swiftly enough and change your position in case there’s a breach on another flank.

ProTip: You can afford to make a wrong turn.

How to Play

There are three major factors surrounding the Object—turret, firepower, and accuracy—that will define the way you play this machine:

  • Go full contact. If there's a group attack, you’re the one to lead the charge. The angled, thick armor will absorb multiple hits, letting your teammates unleash their rounds.
  • Be streetwise. Urban or mixed maps are where the 705A can really stand out. The turret will let you hide the lower plate behind 380+ millimeters of steel. Hard to pierce that.
  • Avoid long-range gun fights. You have enough armor and speed to approach enemies and punish them from a comfortable distance.

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