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Fixes to New Physics and Sound in Update 9.15

The latest update totally changed the way tanks move around the battlefield, with intense new sounds for more realism. We've been listening to your feedback on these updates and we're fixing some issues that cropped up.

Vehicle Movement Physics

The most recent physics changes fixed issues such as getting stuck on slopes and slowing down when driving through smaller obstacles.

However, the issues that came up after that update will be resolved in Update 9.15, including the following:

  • Flipping over when driving at high speeds on bumpy terrain
  • Receiving high damage when falling
  • Getting stuck after running into obstacles like houses, rocks and enemy vehicles


Update 9.15 will also improve the recently added sounds such as when a shell hits a tank, or different sounds based on the damage a penetrating shot makes. You'll also have the ability to select the type of speaker system (either 2.0 or 2.1) in the sound settings.

Stay tuned for more on Update 9.15!