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Improved Sound in Update 9.14

With the next update, World of Tanks is switching to the new Audiokinetic Wwise sound platform, completely changing the way the game sounds. Thanks to this new audio technology, battles become more realistic, adding sounds like the shifting of gears, clatter of tracks against the pavement, shells whizzing by -- all immersing you in battle.

Sound to Strategize by

  • Green is the field of view (FOV); the area where the player receives audiovisual battle information
  • Grey is the area outside the player's view, where only audio is received

The Audiokinetic Wwise platform not only improves the quality of sounds, but creates a new way to gather information about the battle. Each shot you hear from the enemy will provide information about your opponent, whether its the approximate caliber of their gun, ammunition type or the approximate amount of damage received. Analyzing this information will allow you to better counteract.

Even better, you'll receive more notification sounds to help you understand what's happening with your own vehicle, whether you've been hit or your modules have been damaged. This includes a new sound to go with the indicator for the "Sixth Sense" Perk.

Optimizing Sound Settings

The new sound platform also allows the transfer of sound calculations to another CPU core. Plus, you'll have the option to disable the sound calculation in-game, which helps players with low-end PCs increasing performance up to 30% on PCs with a single-core CPU, and up to 5% on PCs with multi-core CPUs.

Configurations are also available for speakers with a limited audio range like laptops and those with a wide dynamic range.

We recommend that you maintain the balance of the audio subsystems in custom settings, and only change the general volume level for better audio.