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Pak 43 Jagdtiger Honorable Discharge

With every update to World of Tanks comes change; content is added, content is improved upon and, occasionally, content is removed. This time, we're set to bid adieu -- rather, abschied -- to the tier VIII German tank destroyer, the 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger, around the time of the upcoming Update 9.10.

As with other vehicle removals, this will be carried out in two phases:

  1. With the release of Update 9.10, the vehicle will be removed from the in-game Store and tech trees
  2. About two weeks later, the vehicle will be removed from the Premium Shop as well

Reasons for the removal are varied and these decisions are never easy, but if you have the vehicle, we are not taking it out of your account! You're free to continue playing the Jagdtiger as much as you please! We won't rule out the possibility that it could return in the Premium Shop or as rewards during special events.

That said, new Premium vehicles are always on the horizon. In the meantime, take advantage of one last chance to get the Jagdtiger below in a special Premium Shop bundle!

Premium Shop Bundle

Available Tuesday, August 18, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)
Ends Tuesday, September 15, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)

Honorable Discharge - Jagdtiger



When you purchase a bundle and you already own the vehicle, you will receive the Gold equivalent value. However, if the vehicle is on sale, you will receive the sale value in Gold.