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Update 9.10: New Changes to Team Battles and Maps

Update 9.10 is approaching fast, and in addition to the new branch of Japanese Heavy Tanks, players will also see changes to Team Battles, and a polishing of the map roster. Check below for brief details on these changes!

Changes to Team Battles/Leaderboard

  • Ranked Battle Missions: Update 9.10 introduces special missions for Permanent Teams for the next ladder season (September 15) that can be completed in Ranked Battles. As part of this, there will be rewards for transfers to the upper divisions. More details about the new Ranked Battle missions will be revealed a little later and are subject to change. .
  • Changes to Economy: Credits and XP penalties for the losing teams are removed
  • Map Set Change: The maps for the Leaderboard becomes the same as those used in the Wargaming League:
    • Ghost Town
    • Steppes
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Ruinberg
    • Lakeville
    • Mines

Map Selection Changes

Update 9.10 introduces a new system of map selection for random battles, made with the following considerations:

  • A selection better catered to new players
  • A selection that grows as players' battle levels grows
  • A selection better suited to the tiers (For example, large maps aren't great for low-level battles, and vice-versa)

The graphics below illustrate how the new map spread addresses the above considerations, and which battle and vehicle tiers will see which maps:


Look forward to Update 9.10 very soon!