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9.15.1 Micro-Update

On August 11, World of Tanks gets a minor update to fix interface bugs, thanks to the feedback received from players that helped quickly pinpoint the issues.

Important: After the release of the micro-update, the client will change the main folder for game modifications in order to avoid technical problems, making third-party modifications for 9.15.1 temporarily nonfunctional. We strongly recommend refraining from installing mods before they're updated and adapted to the current version of the client.

Micro-Update Fixes
  1. Issue with object markers on the minimap bigger than in ActionScript 2 (9.15), after the transition to ActionScript 3 (9.15.1)
  2. Issue with several minimap quadrants highlighted at once if a player rapidly pinged multiple quadrants one by one
  3. Issue with the Combat Reserves (Airstrike and Artillery Strike) that were activated in a Skirmish or Battle for Stronghold sent back to the Depot
  4. Issue with the spectator appearing in an MS-1 tank prior to the beginning of the battle
  5. Issue with the statistics for Historical Battle mode not present in the Statistics tab
Issues with Using Third-Party Modifications:

Many players use client modifications that aren't created by Wargaming. After updates, issues can occur with modified files, such as decreased game performance, freezes, crashes, and missing textures. Most problems can be solved by deleting the mod;  sometimes a complete reinstall of the game is necessary.

Important: Wargaming is not responsible for game-client issues due to modified files.

You can turn game mods on and off. If you have any problems, try to run the game in safe mode:

  • Run the launcher
  • Click the arrow near the "PLAY" button
  • Choose "Launch the game in safe mode"