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8.7 Update is Now Live

8.7 Contents


The 8.7 Update is here! North American players are now able to enjoy all of the latest vehicles and features.  In addition, thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the 8.7 Public Test!

Update 8.7 introduces a new branch of British self-propelled guns, including the iconic Sexton, Bishop, and the Crusader just to name a few. A number of post-World War II prototypes take their place in the middle tiers, while the intimidating Conqueror Gun Carriage becomes the tier X arty.

This update also introduces the tier VI MT-25; it's strengths are in its horse power and armor for its tier and classification. An insightful review of the tank can be found in the table of contents.

The new vehicles arriving with this update are some of the best looking tanks we've had the privilege of showcasing. Take a gander at all of the beauties below!

Download Full Game Client Here

If you don't have World of Tanks installed, you can download the latest version here.


Download 8.6 to 8.7 Update Here

You can have World of Tanks automatically update at launch, or download the update manually.

New Map: Severogorsk


New British SPGs

Loyd Gun Carriage (tier II)

Sexton II (tier III)

Birch Gun (tier IV)

Bishop (tier V)

FV304 (tier VI)

Crusader 5.5-in SP (tier VII)

FV207 (tier VIII)

FV3805 (tier IX)

Conqueror Gun Carriage (tier X)

New Tier VI Light Tank: MT-25

The MT-25 is slated to replace the popular T-50-2 light tank in the soviet light branch. A very informative article produced by our very own Yoott, in the eSports department, was released just a short while ago. You'll be able to find details about the stats and suggested play styles for this vehicle here!

New Tier VII German Premium Tank Destroyer: E-25

Don't let this vehicle's stature fool you--the E-25 tank destroyer is a truly formidable opponent. Sporting an exceptionally high camouflage value, the E-25 is a challenge to spot. It's incredibly mobile; it can be used as both a passive scout and a sniper with great effect. While it does not have very impressive alpha damage, it does have a fantastic rate of fire. Pummel your opponents if they've over-committed to crossing an open area!

New Tier III British Premium SPG: Sexton I

The Sexton I is only the second Premium SPG to hit the battlefields in World of Tanks. This vehicle benefits from an extremely long range for its tier. In addition, it has good aiming and reloading time for an SPG and can thus support their team from a multitude of angles. If you're planning to work your way down the British SPG line this is an excellent platform in which to train your crews.