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8.6 Public Test [UPDATED]

Updated 05:55 PDT 07/05/13: The second iteration of the Public Test  server has been released.


We're pleased to announce that the 8.6 Public Test Server is now underway! Here's your chance to play with the new artillery pieces and the new Korean-inspired map, Sacred Valley. Keep in mind that this is a test phase for the 8.6 Update so expect there to be changes between what you experience during the Public Test and the final release update.

How the Public Test Works

To participate in the test you need to do the following steps:

  • Install a small launcher update found here
  • Update World of Tanks via the launcher (size: 4.96 GB)
  • If you have already installed the Public Test game client the launcher will update it to the Public Test 8.6 second iteration automatically (41 Mb)

Be sure to install the test game launcher in a different folder, rather than the current game client version. Also, switch off the game client before installing the update. Only players who have registered prior to  May 26, 2013 at 0:00 UTC can participate in the Public Test.

Please, keep in mind certain features of the public test server:

  • Payments are not accepted on the public test server.
  • For the second iteration, all test accounts will receive a one-time credit of:
    • 100,000,000 XP
    • 100,000,000
    • 20,000
    • Progress won't be transferred to the main NA server.
    • Credits and experience rates will not be increased for this test.

Scheduled Server Restarts

World of Tanks common test cluster: 22:00 PDT(01:00 EDT the next day) every day for both iterations. Average duration will be around ~25 minutes.

Changes from Public Test v. 8.6 #1to v. 8.6 #2

New Content

  • Fixed an error with tank non-displaying in situations, where it should be for sure scouted and displayed on the screen
  • Fixed an error with long hangar response time
  • Visual and collision models of American T26E4 SuperPershing restored to version 8.5
  • Fixed and reworked damage models of vehicles: FV215b (183), Wespe
  • Fixed and reworked visual models of following vehicles:Matilda IV, Sturmpanzer II, Aufklärungspanzer Panther, T57 Heavy Tank, M2 Light Tank, AT 8
  • Added fixes and changes in new 'Sacred Valley' map
  • Added colour correction for 'Sacred Valley' map
  • Decreased profitability of Tier VIII, IX and X SPG's. Averagely parameters differ from 5 to 15 percent depending on the vehicle
  • Fixed impossibility to make screenshot after performing Alt+Tab switch
  • Reworked and fixed display of dynamic shades, quality improved, amount of glitches have seen major decreased
  • Fixed incorrect destruction effects for some objects
  • Fixed and reworked appearance of some objects
  • Fixed incorrect damage models of some objects, which have not been corresponding to their visuals
  • 'Wide Park' map is now available only for Tier IV-VI random battles 
  • Fixed rare CTD cases
  • Fixed some issues in the after-battle statistics
  • Greatly reduced 'shaking' in sniper mode per being hit with dynamic camera enabled
  • Added different reactions of dynamic camera on hit, which depend on calibre of the enemy shell 
  • With enabled  dynamic camera TD's won't receive additional horizontal stabilization
  • Added changes to sound system
  • Rebalanced volume of different tank effects
  • Fixed the display of damaged dealt for disabled 'Damage receive' option for killing blows of ally or enemy tanks
  • Fixed the display of inscriptions over ricochet and penetration marks
  • Additional absorption for all types of Spall Liners increased to 20, 25, 30 and 50 percents depending on the type
  • Added a new rule for SPG sorting in team lists
  • Enabled automatic correction of visual effects quality depending on FPS changes
  • Bushes have now 0.8 camouflage bonus compared to version 8.5
  • Restored rules of bushes camouflage parameter after shooting
  • Fixed non-working display of tank highlight during aiming in the SPG mode.